15th & 16th of May
Maribor, Slovenia
Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The PODIM App is here for easier communication!

Only one day separates us from the already 37th PODIM Conference! This year we will communicate not only on established channels (especially the Twitter network) but also through a special PODIM App.

To start using the app, simply sign up with the same email that you used to register for the PODIM Conference.

Interactive map

A novelty of this year’s PODIM App is an interactive map of the conference. We will make sure that you can move around the conference venue without any problems, and that you definitely don’t miss any important meetings ;)

Networking between startups, investors, and corporate representatives

Do you wish to establish new contacts and partnerships? This year, the app also includes a catalogue of all startups that will attend the PODIM Conference! In the tab Startups@PODIM, you can find descriptions of all 133 participating startups from 20 countries.
You can find more than just startups in the app. There are also numerous corporate representatives who will attend the PODIM Conference, especially the six blue-chip partners of this year’s PODIM Challenge.

Advice for better networking

And how can you make sure that your profile will stand out amongst the crowd of attendees? Be as active as possible in the application, because active engagement is rewarded with points – the more points you have, the higher you rank!

Questions for speakers

This year you can once again find the tab Interact Q&A in the menu of the PODIM App. It’s powered by the Sli.do platform and is intended for quickly and effectively asking speakers questions. The questions will be written out on the big screen, but it will also be possible to rank them according to attendees’ preferences in the app.
Participants will also be able to send questions for speakers with help of Twitter (via the PODIM App or independently) or through the good old mic and nice hostesses, if modern communication technology fails, by any chance.
We wish you a successful, social, and communicative attendance at the PODIM Conference!