15th & 16th of May
Maribor, Slovenia
Friday, May 19, 2017

Marcin Kasz, Kontakt.io visits Kolektor

After we close the doors of the PODIM conference, the activities, related to the conference are far from over! So many incredible friendships and partnerships are formed every year, that meetings, conversations and relationships go on long after PODIM is over.
This year was no different. One of such meetings that took place after the PODIM Conference was between the representatives of Kolektor, this year's PODIM Challenge Blue chip partner and Marcin Kasz, the Product Marketing Manager at Konakt.io, also one of the speakers at this year's PODIM Conference.
At the meeting, the representatives of Kolektor presented Kolektor and its products to Kasz. Managing director at Kolektor Ventures Mateja Lavrič noted Kolektor had many production facilities around the world, which offered many opportunities for cooperation with startups. She emphasized Kolektor Venture fund was especially interested in solutions in the field of Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT, new materials and production solutions to use in smart factories.


Marcin Kasz, in return, presented the Polish company Kontakt.io, which developed asset-tracking solutions for industries, based on beacon technology, which can be used in production facilities like Kolektor's. Members of the Kolektor team then also set forth a set of industry-specific questions about the possibilities of applying Kontakt.io solutions in their area, as well as discussed advantages and disadvantages of various technologies.