15th & 16th of May
Maribor, Slovenia
Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Opportunity that can change your life!

In entrepreneurship we have to be quick, otherwise we can easily miss an excellent opportunity. Such an opportunity is offered to you now, as we’re kicking off the sale of tickets for PODIM, the biggest and most influential startup conference in the Alps-Adriatic region! For the next 48 hours, PODIM tickets are available with a 50 % discount! Are you prepared to grab an opportunity that can change your life? Because of PODIM, life changed for Sabrina as well …

“You made my world spin around. It's so simple. You hear an amazing keynote, think about it and start doing things the right way. Thank you for changing my start-up life!” Sabrina Pavlovič, QUAMA, Slovenija

Use the code PODIM48HOURS for a 50 % discount. The discount is valid for ATTENDEE and INVESTORS & CORPORATES tickets for the next 48 hours, until Friday 10 March 2017 at midnight.
You can start by changing your worldview
If PODIM doesn’t change your entire life, it will definitely change the way you see the world, especially as far as entrepreneurship, investing and innovation are concerned!
If you add priceless experiences of collaboration, networking, motivation and learning to the list, then you can only benefit from attending this year’s PODIM, in multiple ways! And that’s not even mentioning the 50 % ticket discount :-)

Why can we turn your world upside down?
Because this year’s PODIM Conference will once again be joined by excellent speakers from all over the world – well-known and successful entrepreneurs, managers, representatives of corporations and supporting startup ecosystems.
These are the people who are changing the world with their solutions and ways of thinking, and writing global success stories. At this year’s PODIM they can also become a part of your social network!

Tomaž Štolfa is also coming to PODIM!
Amongst this year’s PODIM speakers, we are very happy to announce the Slovenian entrepreneur Tomaž Štolfa, cofounder of company Layer, which is currently one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley.
Layer recently raised $15 million in Series B funding and also acquired the startup Cola, with which they will join forces in developing a new, even broader communication platform.
Click here for an overview of all PODIM speakers confirmed so far!

Use the code PODIM48HOURS for a 50 % discount. The discount is valid for ATTENDEE and INVESTORS&CORPORATES tickets for the next 48 hours, until Friday, 10 March 2017 at midnight!