PODIM - this year in its 37th year - is the largest and leading conference on entrepreneurship, startups and innovation in the Alps-Adriatic region. 

Every year, it offers two days of intensive courses and networking opportunities. At the same time, PODIM works as an effective platform for investing into the most promising startups from the region and elsewhere, as well as for actively connecting startups and corporations. 

PODIM is focused on the topic “Forces of startups or how startups revolutionize a business and its environment.” 

The innovativeness and speed of successful startups interfere with all aspects of the private and business life. Sometimes they entirely turn around the way a society, including industries, functions. They are transforming the environments we work in, the markets in which we operate, the way organizations do business and, last but not least, the values of a society.










Keynotes and Talks
PODIM Challenge
PODIM 1:1 Arena
Gala Award Ceremony
Special PODIM Events

Keynotes and Talks

Prominent speakers and lectures presenting latest state-of-the-art findings in the field of entrepreneurship and statups.




In-depth debates on various entrepreneurial topics with well-known guests from startup world, corporations, VC funds, universities and startup ecosystem with final conclusions and recommendations for PODIM participants.




Exclusive and practice-oriented part of the conference!  Led by experienced business and start-up mentors as well as experts in various fields. 

An opportunity for participants to actively participate with their case studies and challenges, thus allowing them to immediately integrate the skills they learn into their business. To ensure high quality, the number of participants is limited. However, several workshops take place at the same time, offering participants to select the ones that suits them best. 


PODIM Challenge

Investment part of the conference with a pitching competition for early-stage startups looking for a seed investment of venture capital or a partnership with corporations as well as for recognisability and media promotion. This year’s PODIM Challenge will be signi cantly strengthened through collaboration with corporations from different industries and their connections with startups in the  eld of innovation, development and marketing strategies.

Important parts of PODIM Challenge are:

PODIM Startup Catalogue

Every year, more than 200 startups from Slovenia and the Alps-Adriatic region attend PODIM. The most promising ones are described and introduced in the catalogue, which mostly helps investors and corporate representatives to choose and plan organized personal (one-on-one) meetings with startups.

PODIM 1:1 Arena

A special place for organized personal (one-on-one) meetings between startups and investors, corporate representatives, mentors, lecturers, and anyone else who can help startups on their way to global breakthrough and success.


PODIM Challenge

PODIM 1:1 Arena

A special place for organized personal (one-on-one) meetings between startups and investors, corporate representatives, mentors, lecturers, and anyone else who can help startups on their way to global breakthrough and success.

Slovenian Startup of the Year - Gala Award Ceremony

9 years of tradition, 56 finalists so far and more than 900 press clippings. Since 2008, the PODIM Conference has been highlighting and awarding ambassadors of Slovenian startup entrepreneurship, whose achievements, activities, reputation and development potential represent a new generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs. The award “Slovenian Startup of the Year” is a joint project of active stakeholders of the national ecosystem.

Slovenian Startup of the Year Award is the project of active stakeholders of the Slovenian startup ecosystem. Their role is to participate in the nomination of candidates for the award as well as national and international promotion of finalists and the recipient of the title. 


A real startup party with a DJ, selected food and drinks, and an excellent company of guests who have fun, dance and talk long into the night or even until the early morning hours. The PODIM Party takes its own unique course every year, and it’s often combined with getting to know Maribor’s nightlife ;)

Special PODIM Events

For all keynote speakers and international guests, we are organizing excursions to local attractions connected to technology, entrepreneurial achievements and, of course, local culinary treats and wines as well as nature’s beauties and sights.

In order to connect the region and PODIM partners, we annually carry out several pre- and post-conference events in the form of business lunches, workshops or meetings, to which we invite the chosen speakers, lecturers and conference guests.





Vision and 





Our vision is to bring together over 800 people in the field of start-up entrepreneurship each year and contribute to an intellectural breakthrough of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

We want to encourage the formation of new companies, to offer the latest knowledge on growth and globalisation of technology companies and to actively connect and encourage the networking of key stakeholders of entrepreneurship in in the Alps-Adriatic region.


Our mission is to annually organise a two-day event with intensive courses offering the latest findings in entrepreneurship and startups. We provide active networking and collaboration opportunities for connecting speakers, investors, corporates and startups.

We want to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the business and university environment, and to actively link knowledge institutions with innovative companies.



Reasons to Attend PODIM 

and Who Attends





If you are looking for an investor, corporate partner, mentor or a new team member, you will have plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself, your idea and your bigger vision.

We guarantee you an intense two-day entrepreneurial experience you will never forget, whilst at the same time you will come away with an abundance of knowledge, motivation and new acquaintances.


The PODIM conference is aimed at everyone who wishes to go through an intense two-day entrepreneurial
experience, and above all at:
  • Startup entrepreneurs
  • Managers and intrapreneurs from large, established and innovative companies
  • Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Venture capital investors
  • Entrepreneurship support environment and public administration
  • Everyone interested in entrepreneurship



Our friends about PODIM

  • Gina Waldhorn / EVOL8TION, USA
    PODIM is incredible! I’m so happy that I was able to come here! It’s incredible how much I’ve learnt, not only from the speakers but also from the people sitting beside me. Attending such a conference is a must! "
  • Rune Theill / ROCKSTART, Netherlands
    PODIM is one of the best organized conferences I’ve ever been to! "
  • Tristan Harris / Google, USA
    A great place to exchange knowledge and ideas. "
  • Alex Iskold / Techstars, USA
    PODIM is an impressive gathering of founders and startups from Slovenia and the region. I enjoyed tremendously being part of it and excited to watch this ecosystem grow and become stronger in the future."
  • Jan Habermann / Credo Ventures, Czech Republic
    PODIM is certainly THE startup event to visit in the region. "
  • Julien Coustaury / Fil Rouge Capital, Slovenia
    Perfect organization, great value, THE event not to be missed! "
  • Michael Schuster,  / Speedinvest, Austria
    PODIM is always worth the trip, great atmosphere and great crowd! "
  • Piotr Bucki / X Ventures, Poland
    When I think Slovenia I picture the best Europe has to offer – the nature, the people, the energy and the entrepreneurial spirit. When I think PODIM … I think exactly the same. "
  • Aurel Pasztor / Day One Capital, Hungary
    Come here and to see what the best minds in the region are up to. "
  • László GULYAS / EIT Digital, Hungary
    Inspiring talks, good vibe, promising startups: PODIM is a must! "