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Podim creates the most favorable conditions for making the most relevant and valuable business connections. Whether you are looking for innovative B2B or B2C business partners, clients, or innovators with fresh ideas that will change the future of your company, Podim is the place to find them! Use the leverage of our unique, precise Deal Room Events matchmaking system to browse the lists of startups, scaleups, business executives, and investors, and schedule dozens of well-matched one-on-one meetings that will help your company grow. If you want to get a say in the scouting process to find the startup & scaleups or book a dedicated table in the Deal Room, reach out to us for partnering options.

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Find your new agile business partner

Participating at Podim as a Business Executive will give you the opportunity to find world-class innovations, gain brand exposure by sharing knowledge with other participants, and learn best practices regarding the implementation of innovation and startup-corporation collaboration processes. Thanks to the well-matched, prescheduled one-on-one meetings, you will be able to go into partnership with people relevant to your business needs and find investment opportunities and new B2B clients.

Have a look at all the startups and scaleups that have attended Podim in previous years!


What is the value of joining Podim?

Podim is not just another business conference. It is so much more! With a focus on new technologies and business innovations designed to influence the world, we provide our business executives with the highest relevance and value of the event. We hand-pick the best CEE region startups & scaleups to join, ensuring that those participating are introducing diverse solutions and representing different industries and stages. More than 1/3 of our startups are in the growth stage, out on the market and making money. So, join Podim and build the innovation ecosystem with us!

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Steli Efti is CEO and Co-Founder of (a platform that makes calls, sends emails, and conveni


Mark Johnson is an experienced product leader for organizations both tiny and large. He has a track


Paddy Cosgrave is an Irish entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and CEO of Web Summit, a company that ru


Danyelle Pollock is a master of company culture. Most recently, she headed up Internal Communication


David Rose is an expert on strategic innovation, computer vision, spatial computing, and the Interne


Ash Maurya has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade, and he has always been in search of bett


Shira Abel is the CEO of Hunter & Bard, a public relations and design agency that works with establi


Poornima Vijayashanker is an entrepreneur, engineer, author, and speaker who has made her mark on th


Stephan Schambach is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, and a pioneer of e-commerce. He has built s


An innovative and results-oriented entrepreneur, John Harthorne is the co-founder and CEO of MassCha


Corporates that attend Podim

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Your front row seat on the innovation roller coaster

Together with our Golden Unicorn Partners, we take on a journey to find the most innovative startups and scaleups and corporations, who are committed to sharing their best tricks, tools, and tactics on stage and through special hands-on workshops. The core of the Podim event program is to offer the latest know-how, tailored to the needs of our partners. You can also get one-on-one time with the top global minds, bringing you the latest know-how, tailored to your needs. Attend Podim, learn from the best, and be ahead of the game!

We will introduce the PODIM 2021 speakers to you soon.

The essence of our program is to provide practical advice, exchange knowledge and valuable experience, and provide key tips and tricks for business growth with Podim participants.


See who shared their knowledge and experience with us at PODIM 2020.


Margrethe is the European commissioner for competition. She's also executive vice president of the E


Gerd is a futurist, leading global and virtual keynote speaker, the author of ‘Technology vs Human


Florian is a Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Tractive, the world's leading company for GPS tr


Natalie Nixon is a creativity strategist who converted a 16-year career as a professor into a succes


Aaron Ross is the best-selling author of the award-winning book Predictable Revenue: Turn your Busin

Maja Tomanič Vidovič specializes in the management of financial incentives and growth financing of


Saša Arsenovič, a lawyer by education, but an entrepreneur in the soul, successfully joined politi


Gyula Fehér, the founder of the video streaming startup Ustream that was acquired by IBM and subseq


Ted is a serial entrepreneur, Venture Acceleration partner, investor, advisor and also a board direc


For the last decade+ Jessica has built and run online communities and marketplaces for wide ranges o

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Sign up for the Podim newsletter and get a 20% discount on your ticket.
Only a limited number of tickets at discounted price available.

Experience the unexpected

"It was my first time at Podim and I really liked it. It's a pretty cozy small conference but the people are really great here, so there are so many opportunities to meet other investors or startups and interesting people so I'm really happy that I came."

Sara Vargha, PortfoLion, Hungary

"So we like the Podim conference a lot. It's one of the best organized conferences I've ever experienced. Here it's just gone without a hitch and we've spoken to some fantastic startups as well so yeah it's been a good experience."

Mark Durno, Rockstart, Netherlands