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Podim creates the most favorable conditions for making the most relevant and valuable business connections. Whether you are looking for innovative B2B or B2C business partners, clients, or innovators with fresh ideas that will change the future of your company, Podim is the place to find them!

Use the leverage of our unique  Deal Room matchmaking system to browse the lists of startups, scaleups, business executives, and investors, and schedule dozens of well-matched one-on-one meetings that will help your company grow. If you want to get a say in the scouting process to find the startup & scaleups or book a dedicated table in the Deal Room, reach out to us for partnering options.

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Participating at Podim as a Business Executive will give you the opportunity to find world-class innovations, gain brand exposure by sharing knowledge with other participants, and learn best practices regarding the implementation of innovation and startup-corporation collaboration processes. Thanks to the well-matched, prescheduled one-on-one meetings, you will be able to go into partnership with people relevant to your business needs and find investment opportunities and new B2B clients.

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What is the value of joining Podim?

Podim is not just another business conference. It is so much more! With a focus on new technologies and business innovations designed to influence the world, we provide our business executives with the highest relevance and value of the event. We hand-pick the best CEE region startups & scaleups to join, ensuring that those participating are introducing diverse solutions and representing different industries and stages. More than 1/3 of our startups are in the growth stage, out on the market and making money. So, join Podim and build the innovation ecosystem with us!

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Your front row seat on the innovation roller coaster

Together with our Golden Unicorn Partners, we take on a journey to find the most innovative startups and scaleups and corporations, who are committed to sharing their best tricks, tools, and tactics on stage and through special hands-on workshops. The core of the Podim event program is to offer the latest know-how, tailored to the needs of our partners. You can also get one-on-one time with the top global minds, bringing you the latest know-how, tailored to your needs. Attend Podim, learn from the best, and be ahead of the game!


They bring knowledge, ferocity, inspiration, valuable experience and the most amazing stories of their success to Podim, live in Maribor!

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