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A few months' worth of meetings in just two days

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Do you like making deals? We’ve got the right thing for you: the Podim Deal Room Matchmaking tool, which allows you to find and meet the most relevant people for you and your business. More than 900 one-on-one meetings in two days is our current record, but we are convinced we can go even further in offering you a few months’ worth of meetings in just two days.

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Find the right fit for your business

Simply screen the attending startups and scaleups and investors or business executives based on the most detailed information by using our Deal Room app and Podim Startup & Scaleup Catalogue. We also offer you hands-on support in finding the right fit for you. Podim startups and scaleups, investors and business executive ticket holders have the chance to use our Podim Deal Room Matchmaking app to schedule dozens of relevant meetings even prior to the event. We understand that only relevant meetings count, so at Podim, every minute will be worth your time.

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“It’s a great opportunity to connect.”

Karl Pfister-Kraxner, PK Tech Ventures, Austria

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Experience the unexpected

"I think the value of human-to-human interaction is just very difficult to replace. Even the best online interaction platforms lose a lot of that value. It’s just very different to be person-to-person."
John Harthorne
MassChallenge, USA
"The highlight for me is just the sheer number of startups and investors. I haven't seen this kind of concentration of both startups and investors from this region anywhere else."
Kebbie Sebastian
Penser, United Kingdom