PODIM Demo Day Information

Demo Day 2022 is taking place on 4th of May.
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When and where?

May 4th, from 9:00 to 17:00 (CET), Zoom


Pitching Competition process

Demo Day, May 4th: The Podim Pitching Competition is part of the Demo Day. Startups that will pitch will be judged by jury members. Since there are 4 Zoom tracks, two startups with the highest points scored from each track will make it to the Semi-final. They will be joined by two more startups with the highest points scored, that weren’t in top 2 in their respective track.

Semi-final, May 16th: Semi-finalists will be able to pitch live in Maribor, Slovenia.  Altogether 10 startups will compete for 5 spots in PODIM Pitching competition Grand Final.

Final, May 17th

50k investment from Fil Rouge Capital

Fil Rouge Capital will invest 50.000 EUR in one of the 140+ companies participating in the Podim 2022 Demo Day, so the stakes are higher than ever. The startup will also be given an exclusive opportunity to participate in the upcoming FRCS22 Accelerator program this September, a time-limited period of three months where startups are put in a high pace timetable and are taught years of learning in a short period of time. You can check the terms of investment here.