Discover new approaches for boosting your team performance

Do you have a challenge at motivating your team or have a feeling that you are the only one that is driven by a deeper meaning and a purpose? Would you like your team to be more connected and productive? Open your mind for new approaches and paradigms on how to build a more inspiring and “sticky” culture in your company and level up the efficiency and goal-reaching.

While most companies today get the basic needs of employees, Natalie Nixon will remind you how to bring more meaning and purpose to the organization. Natalie is a creative strategist and president of Figure 8 Thinking, where she emboldens leaders and organizations to apply creativity & foresight for transformative business results. Some of her clients were Comcast, Bloomberg, Vanguard, and Living Cities.

A leading expert in productivity and performance, Stoyan Yankov, will help you to boost your team performance. Stoyan is the co-founder and managing director at Samodiva Masterminds, and a Productivity and Performance Consultant partner at Pro-Lead A/S. He advises startups on the topics of productivity, performance, and media production at Startup Wise Guys and in the Next Media Accelerator.

Join Podim DX, fine-tune your team, and meet several new approaches for developing a winning company culture. Build a company full of happy people who will give day after day their best to the company’s success.




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