21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia
Monday, May 07, 2018

TOP entrepreneurs and investors reveal tips and tricks on how to dominate the global market!

Building a global company that has the potential to dominate the global market is a complex and hard thing to do. In our programme block Venture design, top experts who have built dominating products, raised millions of venture capital and got millions of users will give you insider tips and tricks on how they have succeeded and where they failed! You will have the opportunity to learn from TOP entrepreneurs and investors!
On the first day of PODIM Conference, we will open the Venture design programme block with amazing keynotes!
We will start with Great founder outcomes – the first keynote by our renowned guest Brian Joseph Flynn, co-founder at FounderPartners, who has co-founded and/or invested in 22 private companies, with 10 exits.
If your startup has successfully overcome the early pitfalls, you are probably wondering how not to fall apart in times of hyper-growth. Neeraj Berry, founder of Sprig, will share the lessons he learned while running Sprig. He oversaw the operations, expansion, finance, business operations, culinary organizations and the executive team of this company, which raised $57M in venture funding from top Silicon Valley investors, scaled to 1,200 employees, and served over 2 million meals over 3.5 years.
Are you a startup founder and all you keep hearing is "Traction, traction, traction!"? Then you simply can't miss the keynote by our guest, the renowned investor Nuño Gonçalves Pedro, who will tell you why traction is overrated! Nuño is the founder and managing partner at Strive Capital, the first "quantitative" early-stage fund in Silicon Valley, deriving most of its deal flow from its own analytics engine and investing globally, including in China and Japan. Recently, he has focused on investing in startups that leverage blockchain and/or AI in unique ways.
Following the keynotes, we will have a fireside chat with Nuño Gonçalves Pedro of Strive Capital who will reveal the opportunities and trends that are shaping the business landscape.
The first part of the Venture design programme block will be hosted by Peter Frankl, managing director and editor-in-chief of the Finance daily newspaper.
After lunch, we will kick off the programme block with another fireside chat, where you will learn why exit should be your focus from day one. We will chat with Brian Joseph Flynn from FounderPartners and Boštjan Špetič, who is in charge of programmatic business development at Outbrain. Boštjan co-founded Zemanta, an advertising-technology company, offering a programmatic native advertising platform, which exited recently. 
One of the most interesting programme blocks of the conference will continue on the second day of the PODIM Conference.
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna, partner at PwC Zurich and leader of PwC Legal Switzerland, will hold a keynote in which he will reveal how to successfully select, build and exit ventures 12 out of 13 times. Guenther is considered to be one of the leading European Banking, Investment and Blockchain/Crypto Law specialists. Prior to this, he was a successful Venture Capitalist, served as in-house counsel at an international hedge fund and practiced in court and with a leading business law firm.
Is your startup planning on entering the US market? To help you take the plunge more easily, partner at Spider Capital Partners, Philippe Suchet will reveal the lessons for European entrepreneurs entering the US market.
And finally, you will also get a chance to learn the truth behind the fintech & insurtech hype, served to you in a keynote by Mike Sigal, partner at 500 FinTech, which is 500 Startups’ dedicated fund for globally investing in early-stage startups transforming the financial services industry.
We will conclude the second part of the Venture design programme block with a fireside chat with Julien Coustaury, founding partner at Fil Rouge Capital, who will speak about the challenges of building global tech companies. The chat will be hosted by Luka Sučić, managing director of Nest01 – a coworking space in HUB385 Zagreb, which is an innovation center, coworking space and a platform for knowledge exchange and networking within the startup community.
And that's not all! We will help you steer your company into the right direction with a Venture design workshop, where you will learn how to define your persona and define your product! The workshop will be run by Ana Osredkar, co-founder of Servis 8 - Association for Service Design Innovation, Education and Workshops.  She is introducing design thinking methods and tools into product and service design projects.