21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia
Thursday, May 10, 2018

How do creative industries help develop top-notch high-tech products?

What do creative industries and high-tech have in common? Where and how do creative industries overlap with high-tech and how to use the tools and methods from creative industries to develop winning high-tech products? In a few days you will have the opportunity to learn all about the business potential of creative industries from leading experts in the field in the programme block Creative industries & high-tech at the PODIM Conference! Join us and find out all about the opportunities and tactics to succeed in it!
For all of you interested in the creative industries and creating top products with a great design and user experience, we're kicking off the second day of PODIM with not one, but two creative industries & high-tech workshops! At the first workshop, held by David Parrish, author of T-Shirts and Suits, the guide to the business of creativity, you will get to learn all about doing business in creative industries! David is also a renowned international keynote speaker, adviser, trainer and consultant on creative industries, creative entrepreneurship, marketing, the creative economy, international business, cultural industries and creativity in business. He helps creative businesses worldwide to become even more successful.
In the second workshop after the break, James Haliburton, the founder and CEO of TOPP Design and Innovation will share what they've learned by designing TOP products. At TOPP Design and Innovation they are tackling some of the most wicked problems found in business, technology and life. From Doctors Without Borders to Samsung, James is working with international, large-scale initiatives to make impact with design. James is also the CEO of Noodl – the UX Design platform for IoT.
Are you developing a new product or service and facing one of the most important questions people working in high-tech and innovative industries seek to answer every day – How to marry technology and user-centric design? At the panel discussion, following the workshops, our renowned guests will help you answer this question by sharing the insight and experience they have gained through their work. James Haliburton, from Topp Design and Innovation, and David Parrish, the author of T-Shirts and Suits, the guide to the business of creativity, will be joined by Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, the co-founder and CEO of Vastari. Vastari is the largest online platform that facilitates exhibitions of art, science, history, and popular culture worldwide, where they are changing the art world with the use of blockchain technology.  
The host of the panel will be Ana Osredkar, co-founder of Servis 8 – Association for Service Design Innovation, Education and Workshops. She is introducing design thinking methods and tools into product and service design projects.
If you are working in the creative industries, or if you are looking to find the right balance between top-notch technology, user experience and exquisite design, then don't miss the Creative industries & high-tech programme block at this year's PODIM Conference!