21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia

PODIM Genesis?

We want to provide a new method for results-oriented conversation among
startupscorporates and domain experts, that is centered around predefined industry related topic. We want to empower startups and corporates with a new tool for identifying and prioritizing industry trends, challenging key assumptions, aligning viewpoints and identifying clear opportunities and interests for cooperation.



What is PODIM Genesis?

PODIM Genesis is an innovative format of a 3-hour workshop developed by PODIM and WhatAVenture team. It is based on the concept of open innovation and executed through the tool of design sprint that enables structured and result oriented conversation among selected participants - startups, corporates and domain experts.

Which industries will be disrupted?

Five topics/industries are already fixed. Hurry up if you want to hang your flag next to these already chosen topics: 
1) [Fintech] – the pressure of new opportunities is rising
2) [Insurtech] – an old lady getting reinvented
3) [Smart cities] – connected devices and AR are changing the life on the streets
4) [Foodtech & agriculture] – smart platforms for the future of our health and business
5) [Culture, tech and business] – intersection with limitless potential

More are coming soon, very soon …


Who will sit next to you?

You will have the opportunity to work with TOP experts from around the globe. Just to name a few: 
  • [Fintech] Sheel Mohnot, USA leads the 500 Startups FinTech Fund and accelerator. Funded and exited several companies.
  • [Insurtech] Dr. Ulrich Kleipaß, Germany from Roland & Berger, has a decade of experience in transforming fintech and insurtech companies.
  • [Culture, tech & biz] Tristan Pollock, USA, serial entrepreneur, venture partner at 500startups, working on products which are on intersection of art, business and culture.
  • [Smart cities] David Rose, USA, award-winning product designer, entrepreneur, and lecturer at the MIT Media Lab and VP Vision Technologyat Warby Parker.
  • [Foodtech & agriculture] Andrej Mertelj, founder and CEO of Datalab. developing project Pantheon Farming for digitalization of agriculture. Žiga Drev, Slovenia, co-founder of Origintrail, a company that is developing and delivering protocol that brings trusted data sharing to global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology.
  • ... other that will be announced soon.

How will the workshop be structured? 

PODIM Genesis is a 4 PHASE method, that replaces ineffective, open-ended unstructured discussions with clear and actionable process:
  • INTRO: introduction to the method, process, expected results, topic and participants.
  • PHASE 1: TREND ANALYSIS Moderator will present key trends from industry. Participants will add their viewpoints and ideas. Trends and topics will be then organized in three priority groups: ACT, THINK and WATCH and prioritized according to the interest of corporates and startups.
  • PHASE 2: OPPORTUNITY DISCOVERY AND ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS Topics and trends will be elaborated and discussed from several viewpoints: why is this topic an opportunity, what exactly is the opportunity, what role does startup, corporates, industry experts play, what are the risks following this opportunity, who are the most important stakeholders?
  • PHASE 3: capturing the opportunities and sharing insights with participants of PODIM Genesis.
  • WRAP-UP: white paper will be produced after the event and distributed to PODIM participants. Paper will capture all the insights from the workshop and list all the identified opportunities.


There will be 10 big round tables for up to 10 participants available in the main conference hall of the PODIM venue. Each of the tables will have the same setup of participants who will be selected prior the workshop based on their expertise and interest around topics. Key participants around each table there will be: 
  • CORPORATES who have an expertise and business interest around a topic. Corporates will be selected prior the conference based on their domain expertise and business interest. Up to four corporates (one person per corporate) can participate. Two seats are reserved for PODIM partners.
  • STARTUPS who have an expertise and business interest around a topic. Startups will be selected prior the conference based on their domain expertise and business interest. Representatives of up to three startups (one person per startup) can participate per table.
  • DOMAIN EXPERTS who has an excellent insight on a specific topic.
  • MODERATOR who will take care for timing, process and structure.

Additionally there will be ASSISTANT to the moderator, INVESTOR (optional) who has an excellent insight on a specific topic and business interest and other VALUABLE EXPERTS (optional) who can significantly add the output of the table topic (like expert in framework conditions, researcher, designer ...)


How I can be part of PODIM Genesis?

PODIM Genesis is reserved ONLY for PODIM 2019 startups and corporate ticket holders. Selection process is in place for assuring maximal value: 
  • PODIM Corporates tickets holders will have to apply for a specific table. The will be chosen based on their industry and business interest around specific topic.

  • Two seats at each table are reserved for PODIM partners.
  • PODIM Startups must apply to take part of Genesis. They will be chosen based on references, key technologies, product type and business


Timeline and key milestones

  • Defining topics and assigning key experts to each topic; 15th of April
  • Selecting startups, corporates and investors for each table; by the 5th of May
  • Online briefing and preparation for workshop; by the 10th of May
  • PODIM Genesis workshop; 21st of May after the lunch

Key partners of PODIM Genesis

Key partners take care for perfect definition and implementation of method in planning phase and flawless implementation in the execution phase. Their experts will also participate hands-on as table moderators. 

More info 

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