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Iskratel’s value proposition


Key Facts 

Iskratel is a leading European provider of info-communication solutions. It boasts with 70 years of experience, 900 employees in the group, their own development and production centers, and local presence in more than 30 countries, mostly in the area of Russia and CIS countries, in Central Asia and Caspian countries as well as in Iran and Turkey. Iskratel is a multinational corporation ensuring integrated solutions for telecommunications operators and service providers, for transport digitalization, public safeties and energetic, and they are now rapidly preparing for the fourth industrial revolution. 

PODIM Challenge Industry Match


What are they looking for?

Iskratel's motto when cooperating with startups is co-creation, investment, and acceleration! They are looking for startup teams who are developing disruptive solutions in the following areas:
Technologies and solutions for smart and 5G networks
Solutions for the digitalization of the energy infrastructure
Solutions for the digitalization of the rail and road transport infrastructure
Solutions supporting the mobility and increased safety of people and things
Disruptive multimedia (data, speech, video) technologies, solutions, and applications
Operational and critical communications and emergency communications
IoT and M2M technologies, platforms, devices, solutions and applications
Social networks and applications
»Big data«, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
Virtual and augmented reality for remote support/management and for increasing safety
Network virtualization
Cloud infrastructure, solutions, and applications
Iskratel is fostering collaboration with startups that use or develop the abovementioned technologies for designing and implementing new innovative business models and new user experience for improving the standard of living of the population and for the digitization of operations of companies and public institutions.

What are they offering

As a leading European provider of info-communication solutions, Iskratel established an investment fund Iskratel StartUp, worth five million euros. Since they understand how startups work and how to turn their solutions into success, they are providing a quick transition from the development of the product to placing it on the market with know-how, quality, and sales channels, offering a wide range of support services:
  • Funding: By making a minority investment in a startup in the early stages of its development, we provide funding for the development, initial product production and business growth, to ensure independence, creative freedom, and kick-start innovation, as well as to open up the possibilities to receive funds from other public and private sources that ensure the more rapid growth of the company.

  • Know-How: On the basis of 70 years of tradition in conceptualizing, developing, manufacturing, providing quality, integration and the placement of complex, highly reliable and highly available ICT products and solutions on global markets, we share with startups our unique know-how, which is a prerequisite for placing and launching new products on the global markets.

  • A Supportive Business Environment: The business incubator and technology park of our daughter company RC IKT provides a modern business infrastructure (co-working, offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, daycare, buffet, restaurant), modern business support programmes, mentorship and the inclusion in a broader startup business environment.

  • Developmental Infrastructure: By constantly investing in development and testing equipment, and with a reference testing and integration center for ICT solutions, we allow the utilization of infrastructure that is unique in the wider region for the development, integration, testing and piloting of ICT solutions. 

  • Industrialization: The state-of-the-art EMS services cover all the stages, from the idea to the product: research and development, engineering – the introduction of new products, supply-chain management, prototype and serial production (module assembly, programming, and testing, system integration), logistics, distribution and post-sales support.

  • Capitalization: Enabling recapitalization or buying a majority share, ensuring a stable ownership structure and a strategic partnership, with the aim of increasing IPO value and selling the shares of the company on the market with »tag along/drag along« rights.


Additional info, use cases & success stories 

Get in touch with Iskratel!

If you wish to introduce Iskratel to your innovative idea, contact Roman Kužnar (roman.kuznar@rcikt.com), manager of Iskratel’s startup programme and director of Iskratel’s business incubator RC ICT, who is in charge of the first contact with startups, or visit their website for more information about their startup programme.