21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia

Kolektor’s value proposition


Key Facts 

Kolektor is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Slovenia and a wide network of companies and branches in Europe, US, and Asia, which is working in the field of highly specialized industrial production. As one of the leading players in global niches of components and systems for the automotive industry, power engineering, engineering and technological systems, they are also establishing themselves as a leading global provider of solutions for smart factories in the era of the digital industrial revolution. 


PODIM Challenge Industry Match

What are they looking for?

Kolektor is looking for opportunities to strategically collaborate with startups developing disruptive solutions for industry 4.0 in the following fields:
  • context and pattern recognition,

  • robotics and sensors,

  • advanced materials,

  • 3R (VR/AR/MR),

  • simulations and models for forecasting and decision making,

  • predictive and advanced analytics,

  • big data, data storage, and processing cloud applications,

  • employee mobility,

  • automated guided vehicles and integrated transport units,

  • predictive maintenance,

  • 3D modeling

  • machine vision and machine learning,

  • artificial intelligence (AI),

  • safety devices related to IoT. 


What are they offering

Kolektor Ventures is a corporate VC fund for financing tech startups in early development stages. In addition to the funding, Kolektor enables innovators the development of their innovative ideas to the market penetration with following support:
  • Kolektor Labs: an incubator for digital technologies and innovation development environment that combines the best that startup and corporate ecosystems have to offer. It is used for fast, lean and agile development of the most promising technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, simulation technologies and digital platforms. It enables start-ups to establish a business cooperation, project collaboration or joint development activities with Kolektor and share a passion for the development of innovative industrial products and solutions.

  • Working space: Kolektor provides open innovation environment and space, and all the necessary working equipment (the use of high-tech laboratories) in Ljubljana/Idrija. You can also use our support services (finances, accounting, logistics, legal service, IT, marketing). 

  • Mentoring: you will get support from Kolektor experts in the fields of product development, marketing, industrialization, patents, project management, development of business models and risk management.

  • Networking: Kolektor enables contacts with partners in the academic, research and corporate environment in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Industrialization: Kolektor will allow you to make use of a global marketing network for the development and marketing of products.

  • Market capitalization: Partial or complete redemption of the business model used by Kolektor or sales on the market.
  • Values: Responsibility, fairness, passion for success, customer proximity, inventiveness, team spirit (demo movie).


Additional info, use cases & success stories 


Get in touch with Kolektor Ventures team

If you wish to meet the team that stands behind Kolektor startup activities and meet it at this year’s  PODIM Conference, get in contact with Mateja Lavrič (mateja.lavric@kolektor.com) or write to them via the contact form on their website.