21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia

Pošta’s Slovenije value proposition 


Key Facts

Pošta Slovenije is a successful company owned by the government of Slovenia. Together with its seven subsidiaries, it is becoming a powerful corporate group. It is the largest provider of post services and one of the largest providers of courier and IT services. The Group Pošta Slovenije with its 6111 employees is responding successfully to the changes in the markets, by offering new technologically advanced services and at the same time establishing itself as the most important provider of post and connected financial and logistical services in Slovenia and the Alps-Danube-Adria region as well as an important provider of IT services for public administration, business and citizens.
Pošta Slovenije group is successfully answering to the challenges of digitalization by investing in IT and informatization, in packet machines, automated post office, informatization of postmen, cashless mobile payments, electronic services and automatization of logistical processes.

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What are they looking for?

For Pošta Slovenije successful innovation is a key source of long-term progress. Thus, they are forming a special innovational platform for a faster digital transformation of the company. They are also intensely partnering with stakeholders of the innovational ecosystem, where they attribute a special role to the cooperation with innovative startup companies, especially in the fields of mobility and transport, with a focus on:
  • improvements and innovations for the "first and last mile", where the term the "first mile" refers to the picking up of packages at the senders and the term "last mile" refers to the last stage of the package delivery to the final addressee. The addressee can take the package at his home address, alternate address, a package machine, or in the post office. Serving the package is the most expensive part of the process. The reason is that due to the high percentage of unsuccessful servings at home, which causes additional costs of a new delivery, more kilometers and a bigger toll on the environment with dangerous emissions. When delivering door to door, a problem is also the empty car on the way back along with other challenges like guaranteeing safety parameters with packages sent on special laws, or registered post or an insured post as well as the critical mass of post to guarantee a fitting profitability and effectiveness;

  • developing platforms, that can be used by other contractors of post and courier services around the world;

  • logistical know-how and sources;

  • all solutions that innovatively incorporate the fact that every day there are around 2400 physically present postmen and a little less than 1200 vehicles on the grounds of the republic of Slovenia.


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Get in touch with the representative of Pošta Slovenije

If you want to present your innovative idea in the field of logistics or mobility and transport, we invite you to write to Kristijan Perčič to his e-mail: kristijan.percic@posta.si and set up a meeting at this year's PODIM conference.