21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia

Zavarovalnica Sava’s Value Proposition


Company presentation

Zavarovalnica Sava is the second biggest insurance company in the region, changing the insurance industry and adapting it to the times and needs of the modern individual and the digitalized society. For this purpose, Zavarovalnica Sava is strengthening its innovation activity and wishes to co-create the future of the insurance industry, also in collaboration with innovative startups.

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What are they looking for?

The insurance industry is a traditional industry that is ready for disruption, according to many. That is why it has been changing and rapidly digitalizing over the past few years. It is also introducing new business models, which enable advanced new technologies – mobile and internet-connected devices, advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, analytical tools, machine learning, telemetry, blockchain … According to analyst assessments, the insurance industry will dedicate more than 200 billion dollars to new tech solutions in the year 2019. The drivers of these changes will be established insurance companies as well as innovative startup companies, with which Zavarovalnica Sava wishes to develop advanced insurance products and effectively address the following business models: 
  • Modern communication channels: Slovenian insurance clients mostly communicate with insurance companies through traditional channels and via agents. The challenge lies in empowering the client and agents to effectively use the communication channels that they like most and to transparently switch between them – also by using technologies such as social networks, machine learning, chatbots or artificial intelligence. 
  • Effective insurance claim management: new technologies enable an upgrade and improvement to the existing process of managing claims from the perspective of the user. The key challenge that Zavarovalnica Sava faces is that the treatment of insurance claims still follows a linear process. New business models that focus on users’ priorities and predictive analytics technologies can accelerate the claims process, making it more transparent, faster and less stressful for the clients. 
  • Other insurtech challenges and opportunities: besides the challenges of effective insurance claim management and insurance industry’s channels of communication, sales and promotion, Zavarovalnica Sava also wishes to collaborate with startups to answer the challenges of key upcoming technologies in artificial intelligence (autonomous vehicles, machine learning, intelligent user interfaces), connected devices and augmented reality (virtual and augmented reality, connected homes, vehicles and people), and digital platforms (5G network, blockchain, IoT).

What are they offering?

Startup can collaborate with Zavarovalnica Sava in several ways: by co-creating innovations in the insurance industry by participating in pilot projects, through traditional business (contract) collaboration or collaboration in development projects, or by including the startup’s project into the offer or sales network of Zavarovalnica Sava. Those innovative individuals who are interested in such collaboration also have the possibility for employment in the innovation team of Zavarovalnica.

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Get in touch with Zavarovalnica Sava

If you wish to present Zavarovalnica Sava your innovative idea that could help them develop a new generation of insurance services, we invite you to write to Robert Sraka (robert.sraka@zav-sava.si), whose role in the company is to take care of innovation and digital transformation.