21st & 22nd of May
Maribor, Slovenia

Hotel Habakuk

PODIM Conference traditionally takes place in the Habakuk Hotel, which lies on the slopes of Pohorje and is a ten-minute drive away from the Maribor city center. This hotel has been chosen because of its excellent conference facilities, warm hospitality and top-class service.

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Maribor – The city of the Golden Fox and the oldest grapevine in the world!  


Maribor is the second biggest and most important Slovenian city. It is an economic, business, cultural and university centre of the Slovenian north-eastern region and a vibrant European start-up hub. The city is quickly developing into one of the most visible touristic centres of the European Adriatic region and the credit for this also goes to some interesting facts about Maribor! For nearly five decades, the Maribor Pohorje hill has been hosting the Golden Fox – the Ski World Cup for women. “Golden foxes” with the most individual wins are the legendary Vreni Schneider, Anja Parson and Erika Hess. Slovenian Tina Maze, one of the best skiers in the world, also celebrated slalom and overall victories at the Golden Fox in 2013.

Maribor also proudly keeps and takes care of its grapevine, which is in the Guinness book of records as the oldest grapevine in the world. It has been growing in the old city centre for more than 400 years!

Dear guests and participants, welcome to the beautiful city of Maribor.
Congratulations to organizers who managed to attract more than 1.000 participants this year.

The Municipality of Maribor has been one of the key supporters of the PODIM Conference for some years. We are very satisfied that this important event takes place in Maribor and ensures a meeting of the entire start-up ecosystem of Slovenia and the Alps-Adriatic region.

One of the main goals of the Municipality of Maribor in the next year is to attract foreign investors, as well as dynamic and innovative young companies that can help Maribor become a propulsive city.

The program Start:up Maribor has also been showing good results. Through the program we started actively connecting young, innovative start-up companies with large, well-established companies. Our geostrategic position, industrial tradition, high level of workforce are also good reasons to attract new investors. Or main focus in the next years will be on sustainable mobility, creating new business areas, revitalization of different parts of the city and much more.
The Municipality of Maribor will do everything that is in our power to make Maribor attractive for talented young people who will stay here, come to live here and start their own families and businesses.

Besides an encouraging start-up environment, I can also give you 4 reason why choose Maribor over some other city:
The first one is Safety: Maribor is one of the safest cities, at any time of the day and night – a privilege not a lot of the cities have. 

The second one is Location: Maribor has perfect logistic connections with the region (5 airports within 250 kilometres, highways), the landscape is wonderful and green (Pohorje hill, parks, Drava river), and there are lots of sports and culture possibilities. 

The third one is Local food: we are privileged to buy and eat locally grown food. Maribor is also known for delicious cuisine and good wine. In Maribor you will also find the oldest vine in the world.

Last but not least: Time. Yes, Maribor is special and can give you time. Time, you would waste in your car waiting in traffic jams or driving hours to work. Since Maribor is small and each location is easily accessible you can use this time for realizing your ideas, being innovative or just spend it with your family. This is a very important factor since – as you know - entrepreneurs always lack time. 

Maribor has a lot of ambitious plans for the future: to create a friendly environment for young families and start-ups by establishing an international school, becoming a city of innovative individuals and connecting different stakeholders to create new business opportunities. What we already are, is a city with a high standard of living.

Saša Arsenovič,
Mayor of Municipality of Maribor


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Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean sea and the Pannonian Plain meets the Karst. This small green country measures 20,273 km2 in area, and is home to sincere, hospitable people of great diligence. It has an exceptional number of top athletes, and a wealth of cultural creativity. In Slovenia, it is not difficult to compare the value of goods and services, as they are priced in one of the world’s major currencies, the Euro.
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time zone: CET (UTC +1)
  • Temperature in May: 15 – 17 degrees
  • Safety: Slovenia is amongst top 10 safest countries in the world
  • Second language: English (people speak English very well)
  • Population: 2 mio
  • GDP per capita: 28.000$> More about Slovenia
Source: I Feel Slovenia


Accommodation options 

We have arranged special offers for you in the following hotels. In order to benefit from the special offer, you have to state the key word "PODIM" when booking the room.
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Habakuk Hotel 
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Single room 71€
Double room 110€
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T: + 386 2 234 43 33
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Double room: 110.00€
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Single room: 71.00€
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By plane

Maribor has an international airport, i.e. the Edvard Rusjan Airport or simply just the Maribor Airport that provides some regular flight connections. Nearby airports are also in: Airports in Ljubljana, Graz and Klagenfurt are also destinations of the low-cost carriers easyJet (Ljubljana) and Ryanair (Klagenfurt and Graz). The Graz Airport is the closest to Maribor: trains from the Graz Airport to Maribor leave six times a day, and the journey takes about an hour and a half.

By train

The Maribor train station is situated in the eastern part of the Maribor city centre (at Partizanska cesta 50). By train, you can travel to Maribor from for example:
  • Vienna Meidling – Maribor (3 h 30 m)
  • Graz – Maribor (1 h)
  • Venezia Santa Lucia – Ljubljana – Maribor (9 - 10 h)
  • Zagreb – Dobova – Zidani most – Celje – Pragersko – Maribor (3 h 30 min)
  • Budapest – Vienna – Graz – Maribor (6 h 30 m)
  • Budapest – Hodoš – Murska Sobota – Ormož – Ptuj – Pragersko – Maribor (6 h 30 m)
  • Budapest – Murakerestur – Zagreb – Maribor (13 h 30 m)
  • Prague – Vienna – Maribor (9 h)
You can find more connections and schedule information at Slovenian Railways (Slovenske železnice).

By car

By car, you can travel to the Maribor region from the direction of:
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the A1/E57,
  • Zagreb (Croatia) on the E59,
  • Budapest (Hungary) on the E59/E65/E71/M7 and
  • Trieste (Italy) on the E57/E70.

Maribor is located only a few minutes from the Austrian border. You can travel to Maribor from the direction of:
  • Graz on the A9/E57/E59,
  • Klagenfurt on the road B80/B70 and
  • Villach on the B80/B70/E66/B83.

The distance between Maribor and other capitals of former Yugoslavian countries is:
  • Ljubljana 123 km (Slovenia)
  • Zagreb 110 km (Croatia),
  • Sarajevo 487 km (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • Belgrade 512 km (Serbia),
  • Podgorica 703 km (Montenegro) and
  • Skopje 945 km (Macedonia).

The distance between Maribor and other European cities is:
  • Paris 1299 km 
  • Venice 365 km
  • Prague 548 km 
  • Budapest 340 km 
  • Berehove 653 km 
  • Shkodra 759 km 
  • Hamburg 1163 km 
  • London 1488 km 
  • Nordkapp 3699 km 
  • Lisbon 2739 km 
  • Belgorod 1925 km
  • Thessaloniki 1134 km 
  • Frankfurt 1050 km
  • Graz 68 km
  • Milan 622 km
  • Munich 493 km
  • Salzburg 352 km
  • Split 460 km
  • Trieste 216 km
  • Vienna 255 km
  • Zurich 803 km