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PODIM 2020


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>[PROGRAM BLOCK] Innovative & Creative Organisation

[PROGRAM BLOCK] Innovative & Creative Organisation

Tuesday, 18th May | 15:30 – 17:30

TALK: “Breaking Orthodoxies”
Shubber Ali, Accenture, Startup Corps & Managing Director, USA


TALK: “Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity: The Serendipity Mindset”
Prof. Dr. Christian Busch, Author, The Serendipity Mindset & Faculty Director, New York University, US


PANEL: “Building Blocks of Innovative and Creative Organisations”
Adam Berke, WorkPatterns, Co-founder & CEO, USA
Matej Golob, CorpoHub, Co-founder and CEO, Slovenia
Natalie Nixon, Figure 8 Thinking, Creativity Strategist & President, USA
Daniel de Gruijter, Incitement, Cofounder and CEO, Malaysia
Moderator: Daniel Cronin, AustrianStartups, Austria