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about Podim

We invented Podim Genesis, and that is why we are even more proud that it has proven to be one of the highlights of Podim. As stated by our attendees, it is thought-provoking and provides an unparalleled connection between participants. We have successfully combined the concepts of a design sprint and a hackathon and packed them into an intense three-hour carefully curated and super-moderated experience, with the ultimate goal of finding new solutions and out-of-the-box ideas and explore possibilities for cooperation among the startups & scaleups and corporations participating in Genesis.


Choose your topic

Fintech, Blockchain, Insurtech, Tech and Business, Smart & Safe Cities, Agriculture, Foodtech, Smart Workplace and Cleantech are the topics of Podim Genesis, and up to three different startups (one representative per startup) will be able to join per industry-related topic, as defined by corporations When applying to Podim, simply select the desired topic of the Genesis in which you want to participate, and let us know why you are the right choice for this topic. Share with us your business interest in the topic, describe your current track record and experiences in this topic, and let us know what your contribution to the specific Genesis table will be.


Empowering startups and corporations

Up to three startups and scaleups that are keen to partner up with corporations will sit together at the Genesis table with corporations' representatives, who define the topics, and with domain experts. Our intention is to ignite results-oriented conversation among you. We are focused on empowering startups and corporations with a new tool for identifying and prioritizing industry trends, challenging key assumptions, aligning viewpoints, and identifying clear opportunities and interests for cooperation.

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Only a limited number of tickets at discounted price available.
Sign up for the Podim newsletter and get a 20% discount on your ticket.
Only a limited number of tickets at discounted price available.

Find the corporation that suits you the most

Take this disruption opportunity and ensure your position at one of up to 12 tables next to peer startups, business executives and domain experts, where you can set the foundations of a potential partnership with corporations that are the main drivers of Podim Genesis and are looking for potential partners.


How can I be part of Podim Genesis?

PODIM Genesis is reserved for Podim Startups and Scaleups and Business Executive ticket holders only. A selection process is in place to ensure maximal value. Podim Startups have to apply to take part in Genesis. After the selection, we will talk one-on-one to you. You will be chosen based on references, key technologies, product type, and business.


Experience the unexpected

"I don't think that connecting anywhere else is at the same level as here and in the background now they're actually talking about business that will make something happen and this is the main goal this event, which is perfect."

Davorin Mesarič, EqualEyes Solutions, Slovenia

"Podim Genesis it's really mind provoking so many different participants from so many different backgrounds ... Great opportunity for me as a representative of corporate world to get useful insights from the counterparts such as Insurtech and other participants."

Blaž Klinar, Zavarovalnica Sava, Slovenia

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