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Podim will be held at Hotel Habakuk, our fantastic, traditional venue. We plan and hope that people will be able to attend it live. How many and under what conditions is yet to be seen.


However, online attendees won’t miss anything happening at the conference. Everything from lectures to meetings will also take place in a digital form!


We’ll use everything we’ve learned in 2020 to create a hybrid event that will combine the best of both worlds.


This format allows us to remain flexible and to make Podim truly borderless, especially in times where some borders can’t be crossed.


We firmly believe this is the future of Podim and we’ll do our best to make it a superb one.


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Check out the full 3 day conference agenda with +50 keynotes, talks and panels and BEST speakers lineup ever!

Podim DX DIGITAL VIDEO LIBRARY: Get full recordings of the event so you can watch it and re-watch it at any time for as many times you want.

Check out the the full 3 day conference agenda with +50 keynotes, talks and panels and BEST speakers lineup ever!

Podim DX DIGITAL VIDEO LIBRARY: Get full recordings of the event so you can watch it and re-watch it at any time for as many times you want.

Thanks to the innovative technology of the Hopin platform, we have been able to keep all the elements of our event experience in one place. We have chosen the Hopin platform as the virtual venue, where you will find streams of Podim keynotes, panels, meetups, topic deep-dives, the virtual expo with startups and partners, demo day, and, last but not least, the virtual networking cocktail.

The efficient online dealmaking among the top selected startups & scaleups, investors, and top executives will be enabled through the dedicated Podim Deal Room software, even a week prior to the event based on a nicely curated startups & scaleups catalogue.

While taking out the physical ingredients, we put in countless new ones by moving Podim into another dimension, bringing to life Podim Digital Experience – Podim DX.

We will announce the speakers of PODIM 2022 soon. In the meantime, meet last year’s speakers.

The essence of our program is to provide practical advice, exchange knowledge and valuable experience, and provide key tips and tricks for business growth with Podim participants.


While it might be ludicrous that a crisis forces us into innovating, we are aware, as the saying goes, that necessity is the mother of all innovation. Podim DX will provide a digitally enriched version of Podim, which we plan to keep as a future part of the event. With Podim DX we are also joining other established conferences and events, like Collision from Home, Wolves Summit, TechCrunch Disrupt SF, that are following the same digital path.

Right now we are discussing all the aspects of executing Podim DX with our partners, and all Podim ticket holders, and we are open to all suggestions, questions, and opinions you might have. Drop us a line on

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Podim DX

Date: 17-19 May 2021


* Podim DX virtual venue, powered by Hopin, the first all-in-one online events platform, where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Hopin mirrors the in-person event experience almost exactly, more sustainably, accessibly, and safely.

** Podim Deal Room dealmaking platform enabling time efficient online dealmaking between startups & scaleups, investors, and business executives.

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Exposure possibilities for Podim partners and top selected startups & scaleups:

  • Podim DX Hopin Expo, a virtual “trade show” with booths that showcase products and services, special discounts and videos, and customisable buttons for presentation slides and downloadables.
  • Advertising options in the dedicated sections of Hopin and DealRoom platforms.

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  • Push notifications and promotional messages via all Podim channels.
  • Ad breaks during the conference streaming sessions.
  • Other promotional services for partners and selected startups & scaleups.

Exposure possibilities for Podim partners and top selected startups & scaleups:

  • Podim DX Hopin Expo, a virtual “trade show” with booths that showcase products and services, special discounts and videos, and customisable buttons for presentation slides and downloadables.
  • Advertising options in the dedicated sections of Hopin and DealRoom platforms.
  • Push notifications and promotional messages via all Podim channels.
  • Ad breaks during the conference streaming sessions.
  • Other promotional services for partners and selected startups & scaleups.

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positive energy

In my keynote to my employees about the future of our company and the changes we can expect in the world post Covid-19, I used Darwin’s words: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Constantly changing and adapting to new challenges in the start-up world where our company started, is nothing new to us. As long as we push forward, we’ll be the winners.

Primož Zelenšek

Co-Founder & CEO


We need to connect. And if anyone will invent the way to connect, learn and have fun together even without shaking hands, this community will. Go, Podim, looking forwards to the DX times!

Ursula Lavrenčič

Co-Founder & CEO


More than ever, real deals and opportunities are needed. And more than ever they are possible, everything is still on the table. And this time it is our table.
With the new concept we can meet more people and close more deals. We will miss the local wine and beer, though.

Rok Upelj

Co-Founder & COO


We at Zavarovalnica Sava welcome instant transformation and bold move of the Podim organizers. According to our motto #nikolisami (#neveralone) we are happy to continue our partnership as we, too, believe changes can be turned into opportunities and only cooperation and bold approach can take us to victory on the long run. Let’s go digital, let’s go Podim DX!

Miha Pahulje

Member of the Board

Zavarovalnica Sava

At Fil Rouge Capital we also know how to give virtual love, come to talk to us at the Podim Deal Room and get funded!

Julien Coustaury

Founding Partner

Fil Rouge Capital

With Podim virtual conference now it is easier than ever to meet global audience and get easy access to outstanding innovation projects and cutting-edge technology startups directly from your living room. As a partner of the conference WhatAVenture is looking forward to being part of the new Podim Digital Experience.

Antonia Matjačić

Manager, Head of Corporate Innovation Programs


Europe needs digital transformation that works for all. We need a European society powered by digital solutions that puts people first, opens up new opportunities for businesses, and boosts the development of trustworthy technology to foster an open and democratic society and a vibrant and sustainable economy. Digital is a key enabler to fighting climate change, achieving the green transition and it is also a key survival tool for the economy and the population during the ongoing COVID19 pandemics EU-wide.

Zoran Stančič

Head of the European Commission

Representation in Slovenia

Podim has been a flagship annual event of the Slovene startup community for years, in the recent years it has evolved into one of the key regional events as well. Each year on Podim we get to know new teams and strengthen connections with other system stakeholders. We are glad Podim organizers have found a solution to organize the event, as it has become indispensable part of our ecosystem.

Peter Ribarič


Silicon Gardens Fund

Podim has always been a real powerhouse for the whole startup Region. The switch to a fully remote and digital event reflects the character of this great event once more‎. I could not be happier to be part of it!

Martin Mössler


Science Park Graz

Staying apart is the key to minimize the damage from pandemia we are facing. But in this fast changing world it is more than ever important to find new opportunities and innovate. The world will never be the same again and therefore also we need to adapt ourselves and our businesses. Podim Digital Experience is a great example of how we can still get together, share ideas and knowledge. Go, Podim DX.

Jure Knez

Founder and President


Good job Podim! Adapting fast is crucial for every startup company. ABC Accelerator also reacted fast with a new product: hyper-personal, fully online, business acceleration. We will get you traction, revenue and investments. Meet us in the Deal room!

Grega Potokar

Co-Founder & CEO

ABC Accelerator

Great things can happen at the intersection of art, culture, experiment, entrepreneurship and the business sector, which is why it’s important to acknowledge the added value of cultural and creative sector especially when it comes to addressing specific social issues and facilitating social progress. We need to invest in innovative approaches and find creative solutions to ways of living and working today.

Urška Krivograd

Project Manager

Museum of Architecture and Design

Centre for Creativity

We live in unique times now, where you can attend a conference and meet people from your sofa. Going online for sure is a brave step from Podim and we are always up for bold moves. Excited to be bringing best from Balkans (our Tech Boost program) and Baltics to the online edition of Podim this year.

Egita Polanska

Partnerships in CEE / Venture Partner in Italy

Startup Wise Guys

Carinthia is proud partner of the Podim conference, which, for the first time, is held digitally this year. Financial incentives and a strong focus on robotics, microelectronics and ICT make the southernmost province of Austria the ideal place for the development of technical products. Besides, Carinthia, due to its proximity, provides a perfect environment to evaluate the market’s demands first and thus, in a second step, can also help to get optimal access to the German-speaking markets.

Jernej Dvoršak

International Investment Promotion

BABEG | Invest in Carinthia

We have been investing during the last financial crisis and we will also be assisting our partners and looking for new investments during this downturn. Long term strategy of all the stakeholders in the ecosystem is the only way we can beat the short term obstacles and build great new technologies for the future. Podim, be it in its original form or online, should stay a vital part of this.

Jure Mikuž

Managing Partner

South Central Ventures

It’s amazing when you find out everything can be different. Even better than it was. Congratulations to Podim team on jumping from the poll straight into the Amazon river already taking over piranhas.

Aljoša Domijan


Gambit Trade

As a network of regional community builders, Startup Europe Network believes that tech events are important in fuelling startups with thoughts, inspiration and new connections. During these turbulent times we need this kind of support more than ever and we need to work on alternative platforms. Huge respect for our founding member and the entire team at Podim for shifting the conference online and showing us the way.

Csongor Bias


Startup Europe Networks

Here and now the unique historical moment for entrepreneurs has happened. We can compare it to the ice age, where dinosaurs have become extinct what offered unique opportunity to human species.
Will we be able to identify this moment and use it to our own advantage?

Tone Stanovnik


Špica International

Startups and entrepreneurs have to think very quickly in the course of their development and network accordingly in order to be able to offer their products and services to international markets. The more supporting infrastructure, financing and services they find, the more promising are their entrepreneurial plans. Positioning Carinthia, Slovenia and also Northern Italy and Styria together is an exceptional opportunity for the potential in the various ecosystems, which can be closely coordinated to focus on their regional advantages and thus together offer a functioning ecosystem.

Jürgen Kopeinig

Project Manager


Startup activity has flourished in this period therefore we support Podim in a digital form and on the same dates, with the same charge, same profundity … and the same goal - to fire up and support Slovene startups.

Jernej Pintar


Technology Park Ljubljana

Obviously a pandemic was needed for us to realise digitalisation and digital technologies are not our enemies, but friends. And just as with friends, you need to be careful what digital technologies you want in your zone. PODIM is a friend I would definitely like in my zone, so I was delighted to hear this May a small virus will not tear us apart.

Emilija Stojmenova



We recognize the critical importance of Podim for its role in our startup ecosystem. At Lemur Legal we are striving for continuous improvement. We are solving the problems by the use of new, fast, and frequently changing digital technology. Therefore, we are fully endorsing Podim's online debut - Podim DX.

Peter Merc

Founder and Managing Partner

Lemur Legal

In Oracle, we are well aware that the future is to adopt to new business models and to collaborate with digital companies to integrate the best of breath technologies for better world. Willing to explore with you all the Oracle ecosystem opportunities and with our Cloud edge solutions (Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Blockchain, …) start the journey together. Congratulations to Podim team to put together conference in this great new digital form. We are proud to be part of it.

Julij Božič

Country Leader

Oracle Slovenia

Congratulations to the conference organisers for adapting so fast to these challenging circumstances. We see Podim DX as a new push for digital innovation and beyond. As a long-standing partner of the Podim conference, we are looking forward to furthering the co-creation of business support ecosystem which nurtures a culture of change and development in the region.

Anton Habjanič


TehnoCenter at the University of Maribor

SRIP-Circular economy and Slovenia have a goal to be a circular economy hub that will set the reference standard for top professionals and foreign investors through its knowledge, R&D infrastructure, breakthrough technologies and services, as well as its regulatory support environment.

Dr. Dragica Marinič

SRIP – Circular economy Coordinator

In Tech Data we support and encourage innovative startups in developing next generation solutions. We are looking for such businesses and trying to connect them to the international environment. Great to meet you at Podim DX.

Janko Novak

Country Manager Slovenia

Tech data

We need to be aware that the evolution in the food production is moving away from natural resources being the key source for providing food. And this is very important for Slovenia. We are a small country and we do not have enough areas to be able to provide food for the wider part of Europe. These new ways allow us to change our mission. And I think that Slovenia has enough capable people to be able to participate in this and, of course, we can also be internationally successful in this. We need to be aware that one of the largest food companies in the world, Nestle, is based in Switzerland, which is neither the largest market, nor the largest country in the world. Far from it.

Toni Balažič



At the Municipality of Maribor, we firmly believe that the city of Maribor has an exceptional potential for development, which will place it alongside cities in which living, working, and creating is excellent.
Therefore, with enthusiasm and passion, we tackle the challenges of how to create conditions and good opportunities for individuals, especially youth and those who left to study abroad, to immigrate to the city. We want more innovation and creativity, more knowledge, talent, and more perseverance. The rapid adaptation of Podim DX is just one of the proofs of what our university city can do. Our task is to connect and direct such exceptional individuals, organizations, and initiatives towards a common goal. We believe that the following can trigger positive development that will be reflected at all levels of urban and suburban life.
We want a proud city, we believe in a proud Maribor!

Saša Arsenovič


Municipality of Maribor

We have developed the so-called Startup Plus programme, which includes comprehensive financial and non-financial support for the most promising startups in one place. The long-term programme will run for at least five years. It has started last year and brings in total 30 million EUR.

Maja Tomanič Vidovič


Slovene Enterprise Fund

Excited to join Podim also this year. Always such an inspiration!
Looking forward to the new virtual experience.

David Mošić

Project Director


Constant changes and quick responses are constant for startups' every day life. The last months the whole society faced enormous challenges and was forced to act like startups. We had to adapt quickly to survive. We are very proud that the conference Podim transformed to a fully digital edition. In these times when the borders are closed and the travelling is limited, it is even more important that events like Podim take place.

Zdravko Počivalšek



The most important thing for the U.S. Embassy that we try to focus on is people to people partnership. During this time of COVID-19 we are all learning on how to partner again, re-engage on different platforms. We are all in this together. We are here to partner and engage with you. We have experts that can introduce everyone to the markets, to new partners, to trade delegations, trade shows. We are here to help.

Lynda C. Blanchard


U.S. Embassy Ljubljana