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Over the past years, Podim has developed into the most influential single gathering of startups & scaleups in the Alps-Adriatic & Western Balkans region. Over 150 hand-picked startups & scaleups join Podim every year with the aim to find investors and business partners.

By becoming Podim partner, you can even get a word in the scouting process finding startups & scaleups.

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Looking for the next big thing? Look no further

At Podim, you will find 150+ of the most promising startups & scaleups, mostly from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkan Region. Our startups represent the very best of each stage, from early startup to scaleup company, as well as a wide range of industries. Last year, startups and investors pre-booked over 900 meetings that were held during the two-day event.

“An impressive gathering of founders from the region!”

Alex Iskold, Techstars, USA

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Connect with your peers

VIP Night for Investors, Speakers, & Key Partners is an invitation-only networking event at the venue. It is your exclusive opportunity to gather in an informal atmosphere to discuss trends and exchange practices and challenges related to investing in, starting, and growing a business. The event is a convenient way to get to know other investors, speakers and key partners before the Podim conference begins. 

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We understand only relevant meetings count

The Deal Room tool allows you to find and meet the most relevant people for you and your business. Simply screen the attending startups & scaleups and other investors or business executives based on the most detailed information by using our Deal Room app. We even offer you hands-on support on finding the right fit for you. As an early-bird investor applying for Podim, you get exposed to potential startups & scaleups during marketing and scouting campaign. If you want to get a say in the scouting process to find the startups and scaleups or book a dedicated table in the Deal Room, reach out to us for partnering options. At Podim, every minute will be worth your time.

“You are an investor? You want deal flow? Come to Podim!”

Julien Coustaury, Fil Rouge Capital, Croatia

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We help you fill your acceleration and investment program

We live our idea of matching top regional startups & scaleups with capital by putting great effort into hand-picking the best startups & scaleups, who are developing solutions for the current and future needs of the industry. Each of the 150+ joining startups & scaleups is carefully selected through our selection process, ensuring that they represent diverse stages and sectors and fit your preferences and needs. Schedule dozens of well-matched one-on-one meetings with relevant startups & scaleups and use these two days to fill your acceleration and investment program!

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Looking for investment opportunities in previous years

Many renowned investors have been looking for and have found their investment opportunities right here on Podim. Use Podim Deal Room as your powerful tool for filling your investment portfolio.

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