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Expose and demonstrate your product

Take the floor at the Podim Marketplace in the heart of the venue. Grab the attention of investors, business executives, partners, talent and media by showcasing your startup to the Podim crowd.


< Prepare the Story >

Showcase your product to the Podim crowd

Part of the Marketplace is also the Demo Booth where you can reach your audience with pinpoint accuracy by demonstrating your product and the background of its development. Prepare the best story, apply for Podim Marketplace and use this opportunity to demonstrate the design, features and functionalities of the product and what it was developed for, in the intimacy of an uncrowded space.

< Goodies on the Way >

PR and social media support

Being part of the Podim Marketplace, you will be featured in a special Podim press release and on Podim social media. Remember, only the best startups and scaleups can take advantage of the Podim Marketplace, so impress us with your story!

< What Participants Say >

Experience the unexpected

"It's a great event, we for sure will come back next year, we came to find new local partners for Slovenia market, we are from Italy, and found some partners so the goal has been reached."
Fillipo Battiti,
Ciaomanager, Italy
"Podim is one of the, actually not one of the but the biggest conference regarding startups in this region and this part of the world."
Denis Đulalić,
Faster Capital, United Arab Emirates

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