The Next Startup Money Bootcamp Will Take Place in September

ABC Accelerator, a long-standing Podim partner, hosted a very special bootcamp event this March. During the 5-day training combined with practical work, startup founders and serial entrepreneurs gained practical knowledge in the field of securing VC investment, as well as entrepreneurial skills that will help them achieve an exponential sales growth curve.

Such fast-growing companies or startups that have the potential to become unicorns or global startups valued at more than €1 billion ABC Accelerator is looking for in 2023, in partnership with the venture capital fund South Central Ventures – SCV. In this partnership, ABC Accelerator brings its decade of experience in helping entrepreneurs on their path to success and raising investment, while SCV brings its experience in investing in startups from the region and valuable advice for entrepreneurs looking to find investment.

Sharing first-hand experience

The knowledge that startups receive at Startup Money Bootcamp is particularly valuable because it comes from practice and experience. Jure Mikuž, Partner at South Central Ventures – SCV, a fund that has been investing in startups from the Balkan region for almost two decades, shared his extensive experience in the field of investing in startups with the participants.

The bootcamp also included one-on-one and personalized sessions dedicated to the participants by a VC investor and a business growth expert. They focused on presentations for investors and validating the business model, which must show stable and exponential growth and a realistic and achievable plan.

One-on-one discussions with the investor

The bootcamp also includes a one-on-one meeting with the fund manager of South Central Ventures – SCV, which will invest between €300,000 and €5 million in startups from the Balkans and Slovenia. Of course, this is on the condition that during or after the bootcamp they show that they are the right fit and have the potential to succeed on the global market.

Applications for the autumn bootcamp are open

The next Startup Money Bootcamp will take place at the end of September 2023 and will accept only 10 selected participants. It is designed for seasoned entrepreneurs venturing into the VC fundraising world and preparing to speak to investors. Young, highly ambitious entrepreneurial teams that have already proven their ability to deliver repeat business in the marketplace are also welcome.

Applications are open here or by email [email protected]

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