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PODIM 2020


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May 18th 2020 | PRE-CONFERENCE DAY

Podim DX DIGITAL VIDEO LIBRARY: Get full recordings of the event so you can watch it and re-watch it at any time for as many times you want.


May 19th 2020 | CONFERENCE DAY 1


May 20nd 2020 | CONFERENCE DAY 2

We will introduce the PODIM 2021 speakers to you soon.

The essence of our program is to provide practical advice, exchange knowledge and valuable experience, and provide key tips and tricks for business growth with Podim participants.


See who shared their knowledge and experience with us at PODIM 2020.


Margrethe is the European commissioner for competition. She's also executive vice president of the E


Gerd is a futurist, leading global and virtual keynote speaker, the author of ‘Technology vs Human


Florian is a Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Tractive, the world's leading company for GPS tr


Natalie Nixon is a creativity strategist who converted a 16-year career as a professor into a succes


Aaron Ross is the best-selling author of the award-winning book Predictable Revenue: Turn your Busin

Maja Tomanič Vidovič specializes in the management of financial incentives and growth financing of


Saša Arsenovič, a lawyer by education, but an entrepreneur in the soul, successfully joined politi


Gyula Fehér, the founder of the video streaming startup Ustream that was acquired by IBM and subseq


Ted is a serial entrepreneur, Venture Acceleration partner, investor, advisor and also a board direc


For the last decade+ Jessica has built and run online communities and marketplaces for wide ranges o