Live or digital?
Why not both!

Podim hybrid platform - the best of both worlds.
Main event date: 13th to 15th May 2024

In the last decade, Podim has evolved into one of the best and most influential startup & tech conferences in the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans region. Year after year, it’s the best display of what this region has to offer and connects it to the global ecosystem of stakeholders eager to collaborate.

Simply put, Podim is a place full of business changing opportunities.

Podim Loop

The past years have been a major learning curve. The world around us changed, so we switched to the digital realm, and luckily that brought us closer together, even though we were still kilometers apart. After much thought and trying to figure out what Podim is all about, we went back to the drawing board to redefine and redesign it because it was time for the next leap.

Podim Loop is the next evolutionary step we have taken to provide the best value to our key stakeholders – startups & scaleups, investors, and business executives. It combines the best of both worlds and expands it into a year-round program consisting of various activities in the digital and offline worlds.

From an event to something much more

Take a look at Podim Loop’s core elements

The best three-day event and the absolute pinnacle of the happening: Podim summit

Podim summit will take place in Maribor, Slovenia from 13th to 15th May. Our focus this year is to provide the best in-person experience we all crave – just 3 days of sharing different views, ideas, and mingling. We will also have an additional day for online networking on the Deal Room platform on the 16th of May. To give everyone the opportunity to have meaningful discussions, the number of attendees will be limited to 1,000 – startups, scaleups, investors, corporations and others. Too many people and you can easily get lost in the crowd.

Numerous events such as Bootcamp, Demo Days, Satellite and Networking events, London package …

There will be other events throughout the year that will connect the ecosystem, provide additional touchpoints for Podim partners, showcase great deals and opportunities, and support the latest topics and developments in the ecosystem. Last but not least, these events also form the backbone of the pipeline for startups and scaleups that want to participate in the Podim summit.

Podim Catalogues of selected stakeholders to help you stand out

Podim Catalogues help startups, scaleups, investors, corporates and SMEs to stand out and also make it easier to find the right fit for their business. Find new information and get in touch with them through the PODIM platform.

Deal Room Matchmaking & Mentoring platform that speaks for itself

The Podim Deal Room Matchmaking tool & Mentorship platform that allows you to find and meet the most relevant people for you and your business. 900+ one-on-one meetings is our current record, but we believe we can top that and offer you a few months’ worth of meetings in just two days. The platform helps you meet interesting speakers and experts who dedicate a few hours of their time to mentor (co-)founders attending the event. Attending the mentoring sessions is the first step to finding solutions to your challenges. The best part is that the mentors will also be there to support you the next time you hit a bump on your journey.

All of these are a part of a meaningful, carefully thought-out timeline that captures, filters and connects the best that the CEE region has to offer. It’s on-going, never-ending, yearly, so we have named it Podim Loop.

Startups & scaleups podim funnel

Startups & scaleups are at the core of the Podim Loop.
They move through the Podim funnel to get to the final batch.

The way to London

Hop on the Podim Loop!

We believe the Podim Loop will open up even more opportunities, enable more interactions, and provide even greater value to our stakeholders. We look forward to taking you on this journey. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

Podim team!