Amy Peck

“We need to replace this culture of greed and false scarcity with the original crypto ethos of value, trust and self-sovereignty.”

Amy Peck is the founder & CEO of EndeavorXR, a leading global VR/AR (XR) strategy & consulting firm. She is a recognized futurist and thought-leader and speaks globally on XR, the Metaverse and emerging technologies. Her clients are Fortune 500 companies, government entities, digital media/production companies and tech startups looking for XR strategy, tech-forward digital transformation and insights into the Future of Work. Amy is on the board of advisors for multiple companies like SXSW Startup Pitch Advisory, Industrial XR Forum, The Aesthetic Medicine Platform (TAMP), Prospera Women, and others. She is an angel investor and venture partner at the Capital Region XR Accelerator. She participates as a business and technology coach and mentor for several global organizations such as JETRO (Japan), KIC (Korea), GITA, (Georgia), TTA (Taiwan) and CzechInvest. Amy’s forte is distilling complex technologies into meaningful solutions across multiple verticals and business lines, delivering strategy and resources at scale. Her own personal mission is to see technology accessible to all—fundamentally improving every aspect of our lives and elevating the way we work, learn, communicate and play.