Andy Carvell

Formerly heading up mobile growth at SoundCloud, Andy now helps companies with mobile growth strategy and execution as a co-founder at Phiture, a Berlin-based mobile growth consultancy. Andy first published the Mobile Growth Stack, a strategic framework for growth, in 2014 and this framework forms the cornerstone of the approach his firm uses to help clients grow their mobile apps. Prior to this, Andy started his career as a mobile game developer, having spent his childhood developing games for home computer systems. He developed his first mobile title, a side-scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game called ‘Space Impact’, at Nokia in the UK back in 1999. After developing mobile games for most of the 2000s, Andy headed to business school where he earned an MBA, specializing in marketing. In 2012 he joined SoundCloud in Berlin, where he led cross-functional growth efforts with a focus on mobile.