Jair Halevi

Jaïr Halevi is a startup culture evangelist and Business Development Lead – VC Startups at Miro. He has a passion for innovation, technology, and startups, and has worked with leading brands, governments, and NGOs in the Netherlands, Nordics, and South America. With a background as a social entrepreneur, Jaïr has led a startup accelerator and loves to help startups grow. At Miro, he lead the Miro Startup Program, which helps startups to innovate faster and collaborate more effectively. The program has already supported over 10K startups and 500 partners. Jaïr is also Head of Culture & Mentor at Pygma, democratizing acceleration in Latin America. With his founder’s mindset and expertise, Jaïr is committed to helping startups build and scale their businesses, and has a track record of success in doing so.