Juergen Hoebarth

Juergen is a managing director of Tokenization Limited – the world’s premier business development and strategy consultancy for tokenization. Throughout recent years, he invested substantial time into trading cryptocurrencies and has invested in a number of early blockchain companies through ICOs. Juergen laid the foundation for Austrianstartups.com, which has evolved into a proper foundation fostering the Austrian Startup ecosystem, and founded a number of companies throughout the last 10 years, such as RealLifeConnect (NFC event tech solutions) and Haexagon Concepts (transmedia storytelling strategies). This experience and know-how have led to speaking engagements for corporations and nongovernmental organisations around the world, as well as public speaking appearances at the Rise of ICO Summit, Future and Reality of Gaming, ICO Event Amsterdam, WeAreDevelopers, Asia Blockchain Expo, Blockchain International Show London and more.