Julij Božič

“If I speak about A.I. in extremes – do you still remember the movie Terminator? Watch it again! ”

Julij Božič is a technology cloud leader for Oracle ROMASI and Oracle Slovenia country leader. Prior to joining Oracle, he was the executive director for innovation and digitization at BTC, one of the leading commercial property development companies in the region, and the CEO of IBM Slovenia. He is also the co-founder and creator of ABC Accelerator, where he used to be a business mentor to startups. He is a visionary sales leader with the ability to disrupt the status quo by creating new business models with years of experience and achievements in information and communications technologies, and long-standing experience in marketing, sales and management. His goal is to design a culture of innovation to establish highly committed and engaged employees to do their best work toward a shared purpose. Julij is always striving to be an “out of the box thinker”, with a focus on team effort and achieving business goals.