Niket Desai

Niket is an Internet entrepreneur and an Investment Fellow. He had previously worked for Google in California, Motorola Mobility and was the Chief of Staff at Flipkart, the leading online shopping site in the fast-growing Indian market and Amazon’s main local competitor. Currently, Niket is an Investment Fellow with the University of California (UC Berkeley), assisting in managing $115 Billion for the University. Niket is involved in thinking through and executing an innovation strategy, as well as their venture holdings. He gives conferences on startup early days, technological trends and building unique internal culture all over the world. Niket previously co-founded Punchd, a mobile loyalty startup, which was acquired by Google. He loves working with other entrepreneurs on the early parts of building companies and is a mentor and speaker at Nomadic Mentors, Founder Institute, 500 Startups and Berkley Engineering.