Saša Arsenovič

Saša Arsenovič, a lawyer by education, but an entrepreneur in the soul, successfully joined politics after many years of active engagement in entrepreneurship. In 2018, he took over the management of the Municipality of Maribor as mayor, who is continuously striving for the development of the city of Maribor. Prior to this position, he gained rich experience in entrepreneurship. He started his business career as a tennis player and owner of a tennis school in Germany. Later he was many years co-owner and director of the license for the German brand s.Oliver, and besides he launched several catering stories in Maribor. In the center of Maribor, he established a number of catering and accommodation facilities, such as Restaurant Rožmarin, La Pizzeria, Restaurant and Hotel Maribor. He brought to Maribor a cosmopolitan hint. His company Galerija Gosposka was announced as the best micro company in Podravje region. He develops his business ideas in previously decaying buildings in the center of the city, which he is renovating, and for his concern for the cultural heritage of the city he earned the recognition of the Slovenian Conservation Society.