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Future = Creativity + Innovation + Entrepreneurship

MAY 17-19 2021, PODIM.ORG

In the world of an unparalleled technological development, adopting to new challenges has become crucial for businesses and organizations as well as for the individuals working in them. As innovation nowadays is one of the most important sources for achieving competitive advantage, creativity has become crucial business source for being innovative and thus one of the most in-demand skills. The same goes for business skills that can as well be a competitive advantage for companies and individuals in cultural and creative sector (CCS).

Developing new ideas and discovering new ways of looking at problems are in common to creativity as well as to entrepreneurship. Innovation is at the heart of any growing economy, especially in those where usual practices and existing business models have become outdated. Successful entrepreneurship requires a focus on creativity, integrating innovation and strategic business practices.

And innovation in doing new things and applying creative solutions to problems and opportunities is in order to enhance people’s lives and/or to enrich society.

Meet the creative industry experts

Learn from top global founders and experts from cultural and creative industry space!

Value for creatives

Infuse yourself with the entrepreneurial spirit and get business skills to use them as your competitive advantage.

Value for entrepreneurs

Embrace the creativity and apply both creativity and innovation to capitalize marketplace opportunities.

Get free 1:1 mentorship sessions with founders and experts

Slovenian entrepreneurs from cultural and creative sector, keep in mind you are not the first ones taking the path of entrepreneurship. Learn from others’ successes and failures from creative and cultural sector to avoid your own mistakes.

Use this special opportunity! Selected companies will get counselling preparation, two individual meetings with the international entrepreneur and expert from the creative industry at their desire as well as a free ticket for Podim DX Conference.

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Photos by David Hofmann, Ricardo Gomez, Nihal Demirci, Tyler Lastovich and gpch on Unsplash.