[PROGRAM BLOCK] AI and Disruptive Technologies

Generative AI solutions such as ChatGPT, Bard, Synthesis, and many others are rapidly gaining momentum in the tech and business communities, positively transforming our lives. The AI revolution is well underway, and we must fully embrace it. 

In this program block, esteemed AI experts, investors, and entrepreneurs will discuss how businesses can leverage this technology and identify opportunities for small and agile startups, as well as established companies. Most importantly, they will unveil what lies beyond the current AI wave, providing valuable insights for all attendees. Don’t miss out!

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Here is our AI crew:

John Clippinger 🔹 BioForm Labs, USA 

John is an experienced entrepreneur, especially interested in the disruptive opportunities enabled through decentralized technologies such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies. Currently, he is a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab City Science Group and an advisor at several companies. He is also a Co-Founder at BioForm Labs, where they combine biology and AI to model, emulate, and understand the core functions of an organization.

Svetlana Kordumova 🔹 Pixyle.ai, North Macedonia

Svetlana Kordumova is the founder and CEO of Pixyle.ai, a startup that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize fashion apparel in images. She holds a PhD in Multimedia and AI from the University of Amsterdam. During her PhD, she was part of a project that won the best video search results at the NIST TrecVID benchmark in the USA, which was later acquired by Qualcomm. Svetlana also received the best research paper award at the International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval in New York.

Mike Reiner 🔹 Acrobator Ventures, Netherlands

Mike Reiner is a General Partner at Arobator Ventures, seed stage AI-focused VC. Mike has a wealth of experience in the startup ecosystem, having built a global artificial intelligence community with City.ai and sourcing series A stage deal flow while building the DataSeries network for the venture capital firm OpenOcean. He co-founded and managed the B2B accelerator Startup Wise Guys, covered venture capital business development for Amazon Web Services in EMEA and founded CCC Startups and Startup AddVenture. In his career, he has worked with many startups around the globe and is an active advisor or board member to several of them as well as a mentor at various incubators and accelerators such as Techstars.

Robert Gfrerer 🔹 Silicon Alps Cluster, Austria

Robert Gfrerer is currently the CEO of Silicon Alps Cluster GmbH. With expertise in building global value chains, Robert has worked extensively in business development, fundraising, and value chain management. Prior to his current position, Robert served as CEO of build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten GmbH, where he oversaw business development, internationalisation, and startup development. He has also worked as a reviewer for scientific journals and as an expert on the accreditation of universities. As a public health expert, Robert has been involved in numerous national and international public health projects.

Tunya Irkad 🔹 500 Global & Emerging Europe, Turkey

Tunya Irkad is an Investment Analyst at 500 Emerging Europe, a venture capital fund investing in early-stage tech startups from CEE and Turkey. With a BSc in Industrial Engineering, Tunya is skilled in data analysis and detail-oriented. Her responsibilities include finding and analyzing startups, measuring portfolio companies’ impact, and leading communication and community efforts. Tunya was previously an Analyst at Galata Business Angels, a leading angel investor network in Turkey. She is passionate about backing early-stage startups and founders and helping them achieve financial success.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the mysteries of the AI galaxy in the near future. Buckle up your safety belts and prepare for an adventure like no other! 

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