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Prosperous researchers and students wanted

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Being aware that much of cutting-edge knowledge lies in universities and research institutions and that startups, on the other hand, are the force for taking great ideas to market, we are bringing academia closer to the startup ecosystem to release this huge potential.

That is why we are offering a limited number of passes at a special rate to ambitious academic researchers and students. If this describes you, check our offer and apply!

Podim partners, you rock!

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Want to join a fast-growing startup?

Are you an ambitious researcher looking to plunge into the startup ecosystem, or are you a student, about to graduate and looking to join a fast-growing startup? If so, we would love for you to apply for a Researcher & Student Pass! We welcome applications from anyone who can pursue us with a research or study achievements. The Researcher & Student Pass is priced at €145. The number of passes is limited.

"I would recommend to everybody to come to Podim because it's a great ecosystem, a great network so near to your and our home as well, so for all the Austrians out there and all the rest of the region join the meeting next time."

Sebastian Jagsch, AVL List, Austria