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>Adam Berke

About The Speaker

Adam Berke

Adam’s expertise spans from marketing to digital advertising to growth marketing. He was in the founding team at AdRoll. The company started with 3 people in a garage and became one of the largest independent marketing technology companies worldwide, with over 35,000 customers, $350M+ in revenue, and 600+ employees in offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Dublin, Sydney, and Tokyo. Adam is currently the co-founder and CEO of WorkPatterns, that is helping to make operational best practices automatic by providing a system for one-on-ones and small group meetings. He loves solving user/customer problems, anticipating market developments and building highly effective and tight-knit teams. He also does a bit of angel investing where he has a strong “vibe” with the founder(s) and thinks he can add value beyond his, as he says, middling check size.