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>Christoffer Weiss

About The Speaker

Christoffer Weiss

Christoffer Weiss is a real life superhero. A man from not-so-extraordinary beginnings, who has made his life into something truly extraordinary. A ecological business-hippie, a world traveler, a warrior of light and a change agent for the future. Someone who has his feet firmly planted on the ground, his heart open for humanity and his eyes set on the stars. Working all over the world since 2012, Christoffer has amassed a great deal of experiences and knowledge that he shares through his own keynotes, seminars and workshops, both in person and online. He also creates impeccable experiences for other speakers with his audiovisual alchemy and event production. Christoffer also produces online content both for himself and his clients. He also mentors high level performers in various industries on reaching deeper and wider in their life and work.