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>David Rose

About The Speaker

David Rose

David Rose is an expert on strategic innovation, computer vision, spatial computing, and the Internet of Things. Currently, he is serving as Futurist at EPAM Continuum, envisioning and prototyping new concept products and services to lead, inspire, and provide strategic guidance to clients. Previously, he was VP of Vision Technology at Warby Parker, a direct-to-consumer eyeglass brand that disrupted the market with its system for trying on glasses virtually from home using a smartphone. He is an award-winning product designer, a lecturer and researcher at the MIT Media Lab, and a five-time entrepreneur. David is on a mission to make technology subtle and polite, and he has a track record of success in developing innovative customer-centric products that drive company revenues and visibility. He has extensive entrepreneurial, marketing, sales, and product development experience, ranging from founding technology organizations to leading research and innovation groups within large public companies.