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>Francois Mazoudier

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Francois Mazoudier

Francois Mazoudier has been in the Tech industry for all his life. As a Founder & Chairman of TMRW (“tomorrow”), south London’s epicentre for Tech, as well as seasoned entrepreneur he uses his practical business-building experience, industry knowledge and contacts to help the next generation of start-up talent. He also runs Tech Leaders Capital, a global, co-investment club for Tech CEOs with outstanding careers and track records. He has more than 20 years of experience building TMT companies and early stage Venture Capital. Francois is a specialist in fast-scaling TMT into International markets, who helped grow 8 tech businesses and experienced the thrill of two startup-to-IPO successes and the hell of one company going bankrupt. Previous companies include Central Point Software (now Symantec), PictureTel (now Polycom), RealNetworks, The Cloud Networks (Wifi operator, now SKY). He has a network of more than 200 investors globally and is a small private investor himself. If you want unbeatable business advice, pick his brain.