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>Maja Voje

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Maja Voje

Maja Voje is a growth marketing and digital transformation expert who takes a “real world, real results” approach to empowering teams and organizations. Her early career accomplishments include co-instructing the best-selling online course on growth hacking in the world (used by 50,000+ students and organizations like Tesla, IBM, and from 2017 to present, serving as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) during OriginTrail’s $22.5 million token generation event (TGE) in 2018. Her Growth Lab has partnered up with, the largest global community in growth hacking and digital marketing space. Her education programs were attended by more than 1700 professionals, and Maja led more than 80 in-house workshops (EKWB, Triglav Insurance, Sportradar Media Services, La Libre, Slovenia Tourist Organization, SPIRIT, Optiweb, Slovene Enterprise Fund, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Slovenia, etc.). She has been managing digital projects for world-class companies like Google and Rocket Internet.