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>Markus Linder

About The Speaker

Markus Linder

Markus Linder is an entrepreneur and angel Investor who has repeatedly proven his instinct and talent for identifying, founding, and funding promising startups. He co-founded Zoovu, a fast-growing company with offices around the globe (previously SMARTASSISTANT) that develops the leading AI-driven digital sales assistants for brands, retailers, telcos, and service providers. In 2018, Markus handed over the leadership of the company to a globally recognized scale-up CEO at a triple digit growth rate. The company has become a global leader for AI digital sales assistants that served many of the world’s largest brands, including companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Canon, Whirlpool, Unilever, and many others. The organization has grown to a global team of close to 150 people based out of New York, London, Wroclaw, and Vienna. The scale-up raised $25M of capital. Markus sold a part of his stake in Zoovu, however he remains the company’s largest individual shareholder. He is active as an angel investor and mentor of several emerging global startups, focusing primarily on startups with globally scalable business models that have a positive impact on two of the greatest challenges of our time: the biodiversity and the climate crisis. In addition, Markus is also actively working with startups in the enterprise SaaS / digital marketing / commerce field.