We live our values

The core values of Podim drive us to take over the future we want to experience

Startup community-focused

Knowing the importance of our startup community, we are aware that our association with it is a two-way relationship, so we want to give back as much as we can.


We are aware that learning and growing are never-ending processes. Innovators try, test, fail, and succeed at the pace that is necessary to solve the biggest socio-environmental issues of our time.


We have the courage to do daring things and encourage others to be bold!


We are ambassadors of positive change to ignite innovation for a better world. Our most significant sustainability work is in increasing the impact of innovators dedicated to solving the biggest problems of the world and society.


Believing that Podim and entrepreneurship belong to everyone, we strive towards diversity and an inclusive culture.


Being trustworthy and being accountable are the core values the best teams should have.


Partnerships have formed the strong foundation of Podim from the very beginning. We believe in the power of the collaboration based on the win-win principle. Let’s cooperate!