[PROGRAM BLOCK] The Emerging New Economy

Tuesday, 17th May | 11:30 – 13:00

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TALK: Why Asking the Right Questions Is Important and Still So Underrated
Shubber Ali, Elastic, Expert, USA

TALK: Building a Second Unicorn in the Productivity Space
Bertram Lutz, Make/Celonis, Head of go to market strategy & operations, Germany

PANEL: New Era of Technology and Business Models
Shubber Ali, Elastic, Expert, USA
Gianluca Dettori, Primo Ventures, Chairman and General Partner, Italy
Jon Goriup Dermastia, VCG.AI, CEO, Germany
Emin Sözer, Nova KBM, Director of Business Analytics and CRM, Slovenia
Bori Fozy, UNIQA Ventures, Investment Manager, Hungary
MODERATOR: Enis Hulli, 500 Istanbul, General Partner, Turkey