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PODIM 2020


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City of the Golden Fox and the oldest vine in the world

The capital of the Slovenian Styria region at the foot of the green Pohorje and sunlit wine-growing hills, Maribor is the second largest Slovenian city. It is an economic, business, cultural, and university center of the Slovenian north-eastern region and a vibrant startup hub. The city is quickly developing and gaining visibility on the tourist maps of the Adriatic region. For more than five decades, the Maribor Pohorje hill has been hosting the Golden Fox - the Ski World Cup for women - and, in recent years, also the downhill Mountain Bike World Cup Race. The oldest part of the city, Lent, is home to a Guinness record holder – the oldest vine in the world! The more-than-400-year-old vine climbs the façade of the former city walls, today the Old Vine House, the center for visitors, and the well-stocked wine shop of excellent wines of the Štajerska region.


Creating unforgettable impressions

“Maribor is an amazing little city, and there is amazing wine here in Slovenia. There's a lot going on. And people are super, super nice, I made wonderful contacts last time I was here, and I feel like I'm making wonderful contacts again. So I feel very, very lucky to be able to come back.”
Shira Abel, Hunter & Bard, USA



Relaxed and pleasant pace of the city of Maribor is the result of its diverse history. Discover the sights of Maribor that greatly influenced the city in the past and affect its throb still today.

Old Vine House

Castle with the Regional Museum Maribor

Vinag Wine Cellar

Franciscan church

Water Tower

Synagoge and the Jewish Tower

Glavni trg square with Rotovž Town Hall and Plague Column

Žički mansion


Treasury of excellent cuisine

Maribor is a treasury of excellent cuisine. Discover it in the Mak Restaurant and other modern restaurants, or taste it in the authentic local “gostilnas” such as the Ruška Koča. Good food goes with good wine. Make a toast with the top-quality wines of the Štajerska region, which you can find in the Maribor wine shops, at the wine-growers at wine roads, or at traditional events such as the Old Vine Festival.


Experience the unexpected

"The way that it's organized where it's very easy to get to meet people and very easy to coordinate."

Rune Theill, Rockstart, Netherlands

"Come to Podim, it's really fun and the city and the venue is beautiful."

Laszlo Bekessy, CodeBerry, Hungary