[PROGRAM BLOCK] Sustainable Future

Tuesday, 16th May | 11:30 – 13:00 | MARIBOX 01

Powered by: Feelsgood Capital

TALK: “What I Believe Will Save (Or Destroy) Our Planet”
Moaffak Ahmed, Cooler Future, Finland

TALK AND FIRESIDE CHAT: “Sustainability + Innovation = Key Elements of the Growth Platform”
Fernando Sandoval, ENEL Group, Spain
Host: Mirna Marovic, VentureXchange, Croatia

PANEL: “Building a Sustainable Future: Challenges and Opportunities”
Eva Sommer, Fermify, Austria
Tilen Travnik, Juicy Marbles, Slovenia
Catalina Girald, Halogen Ventures, USA
Moaffak Ahmed, Cooler Future, Finland
Host: Daniel Cronin, AustrianStartups, Austria