Formula 1’s Ex McLaren & Williams Racing CEO Jost Capito and Akrapovič’s Ex CEO Uroš Rosa are Coming to Podim!

Yes, you read that right! We’re thrilled to announce the first glimpse of what Podim 2024 has in store for you, featuring an exceptional line-up of speakers and insightful program blocks designed to get you ahead of the curve. 

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a race of leadership and high performance with Jost Capito and Uroš Rosa. They will drive you through the high-speed corners of leadership, high-performance engineering, and management lessons and showcase how they outperformed the best of the best on and off the race track. 

Jost Capito

A titan in high-performance engineering and a symbol of visionary leadership, Jost Capito has shaped the future of the automotive and racing industries. With top roles at Porsche Motorsport, Volkswagen Motorsport, McLaren F1 and Williams Racing, Jost’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and excellence in team management. Now, as a sought-after consultant, he’s ready to share his experience with you.

Uroš Rosa

Known for excellence, growth and leadership development, Uroš Rosa turned Akrapovič into a global success, winning international recognition and numerous awards. His wide spectrum of experience goes from premium and high-performance manufacturers of motorcycles and cars to Formula 1 and Moto GP. His extensive experience in managing teams solidifies his role as a driving force behind PUROS – nOrdinary Consulting, helping also startups on their way to success.

On Tuesday, 14 May, Daniel Cronin will host a fireside chat with Jost and Uroš, covering everything you’ve ever wanted to ask. For those eager to delve deeper, join them on Wednesday, 15 May, for a special extended session.

We’ll be introducing new speakers every week, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our website for updates!

11 curated program blocks delivering a full dose of insights, tools and inspiration

Confession of a Founder: Dive deep into the minds of visionary entrepreneurs and tech leaders. Learn the secrets behind building resilient, high-performance teams, designing winning products, and staying ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

Digitalisation and Digital Transformation: Embrace the digital revolution with insights on leveraging new technologies, enhancing customer experiences, and adopting innovative business models. This block is your key to unlocking the potential of digitalization in your business.

Tech Transfer Meetup: A unique gathering for the technology transfer community, focusing on collaboration, best practices, and networking opportunities with key players in the tech ecosystem like ETH Zurich, UnternehmerTUM and London. 

AI and Disruptive Technologies: Dive into the AI revolution, understanding its impact across industries and the vision of top European AI-focused VCs. Learn to distinguish between hype and truly disruptive AI solutions, and see how various sectors are embracing this change.

Developing a Winning Ecosystem: Unpack the essentials of a thriving startup ecosystem with insights from global investors, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem builders. Explore the CEE tech scene through the lens of deal flow, opportunities, challenges, and strategies to elevate the region’s attractiveness.

Growth Academy: Master the art of Product Led Growth (PLG), making your product your biggest growth driver. Learn from the successes of companies like Miro and turn your product into a growth powerhouse.

Upcoming FoodTech Revolution: Position yourself at the forefront of the FoodTech revolution, exploring sustainable alternatives to traditional food sources. Discover the latest trends and opportunities in alternative protein production and plant-based meats.

Getting Funded: Navigate the complex world of fundraising with advice from experienced investors and founders. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundraising process, from preparation to closing the round.

Venture Building and Corporate Innovation: For established companies aiming to stay innovative, this block offers insights into fostering a culture of innovation, collaborating with startups, building partnerships and leveraging the venture-building model for sustained growth.

Business and Legal Frameworks: Tackle the intricacies of tech law, with a focus on the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. Understand its implications, compliance strategies, and how to future-proof your business against evolving regulations.

Fintech Disruption: Explore the latest innovations disrupting the financial sector. Learn from fintech pioneers about emerging technologies, successful business models, and strategies that are reshaping financial services.

Podim online Demo Day on 7 May where the entire Podim 2024 Startup Batch will present themselves in short 3-minute presentations. 

Podim Pitching Competition semifinals and finals in Maribor, where you will meet the best of the best of this year’s generation of startups. 

In addition to our on-stage program blocks, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network and connect. Investor and Podim Partners meetup and Founders Meetup on Monday afternoon and the legendary Podim Party. And not to forget the legendary matchmaking machine Podim Deal Room and this year’s totally revamped Podim Marketplace. 

Podim promises an enriching experience filled with insightful program blocks, ample networking opportunities, and unforgettable events.

Stay tuned for updates as we reveal new program block details with exceptional speakers. 

Get ready to connect, learn, and be inspired at Podim!  

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