Fueling Growth: Opportunities with LUI for Deep Tech Startups

LUI is a leading incubator in Slovenia for supporting innovative startups. It’s great at turning scientific ideas into successful companies, which helps grow the deep tech scene in the region. As a member of the DeepTech Alliance and involved in EU programs, LUI helps turn ideas into products that succeed in the market. They offer comprehensive support, from development to funding, to help businesses grow and expand globally.

Here are some opportunities LUI currently offers.

Raw Materials

If you’re a startup in Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, BiH, Montenegro, or Serbia working on responsible sourcing of raw materials, sustainable materials, or circular societies, LUI wants to hear from you. They’re looking for ideas that can save costs, reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, improve industrial competitiveness, and more.

This is an exceptional opportunity for startups, scaleups and SMEs to secure funding of up to €500,000 to propel innovation and sustainability in the raw materials value chain.

Apply by 27 May. If you need help, LUI is just the thing you need! Reach out to [email protected] for application help.

Labs to Market

This program is for researchers and entrepreneurs who want to bring lab innovations to the market. It helps you find market opportunities, build teams, secure funding, and launch your innovation successfully. 
Participants will benefit from workshops aimed at technology presentation and networking with potential team members and mentors, learning how to build a successful enterprise and pitch their innovations effectively.

The program concludes at Dragondays deep-tech festival, where teams will have an opportunity to pitch their innovations in front of selected investors, with possible investments up to €1,000,000.

Apply by 21 April.


LUI invites scientific project teams, innovators, scientists, PhD students or master’s students with a product or service idea to disrupt the existing markets in healthcare, agri-food, raw materials, energy, urban mobility or manufacturing sectors to apply to EIT jumpstarter. 

This 8-month program helps you refine your business model using lean start-up methodology. You’ll learn about deal refinement, market segmentation, financials, and more. Plus, travel and accommodation support are provided, and the best teams can win €10,000.

Apply by 26 April.  Reach out to LUI for application assistance.

EIT Urban Mobility

LUI participates in the EIT Urban Mobility program and provides help with applications to Accelerate2Move, an accelerator that is dedicated and contributes to sustainable urban mobility. 

It’s also open to startups working on coastal, maritime, and water mobility solutions. If you have a clear, scalable idea, this could be your chance.

Contact [email protected] for more info.

EIT Health

LUI participates in the EIT Health program and provides various help to startups innovating in the medical field. One of such projects is Digivitality, providing direct access to corporations to develop and validate the business case for pilot collaborations, direct connections with hospitals and patients to validate clinical needs, and accelerated business growth and guidance. Currently, healthcare startups are actively invited to apply to the EIT Jumpstarter accelerator.

Contact [email protected] for healthcare startup opportunities through EIT Health.

Deeptech Alliance

The inclusion of LUI in the Deeptech Alliance represents a significant step for startups in Central and Eastern Europe. For startups, the DTA serves as a bridge to cooperation with international players and access to a global stage for their deeptech solutions.

Startups from Central and Eastern Europe can join the Deeptech Alliance programs. All programs bring benefits to startups in several key ways:

  • Connecting developed startups with international clients and partnerships with renowned names such as Bosch, Novo Nordisk, Enel, Ørsted, and similar.
  • Access to capital
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Visibility and recognition

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