PODIM 2022

How to snatch 50k investment at PODIM 2022? Like this!

We’re putting our money where our mouth is with the generous help of Fil Rouge Capital, Venture Fund based in Croatia!

50.000 EUR investment and access to the full FRC Accelerator Program along with numerous perks for selected Podim Startups are waiting for you at PODIM 2022!

This is a chance of a lifetime

Fil Rouge Capital (or FRC for short) is a Venture Capital fund that invests in early-stage businesses from pre-seed and seed to Series A rounds through a combination of equity and debt structures. Their approach is to target investments that complement the skills and experience of its Founders so that they can bring value beyond money to help their companies expand globally.

Julien Coustaury, Managing Partner of FRC, is ready to go all in this year: “As Podim is one of the most influential startup & tech conferences in the CEE region, naturally we are proud and excited to be participating in this year’s event as well, and no less than as Golden Unicorn Investor Partner! This year we are offering 50k EUR investment  to one lucky startup and an exclusive chance to participate in our next Accelerator program, so yeah, we would say that we put our money where our mouth is and are very committed to put the CEE region on the global startup and unicorn map!”

Julien Coustaury, Managing Partner of FRC, is ready to go all in this year!

As you can see, Fil Rouge Capital is going all in this year! Julien and his team are committing to invest 50.000 EUR in one of the 150 companies participating in the Podim 2022 Demo Days, so the stakes are higher than ever. The winning startup will also be given an exclusive opportunity to participate in the upcoming FRCS22 Accelerator program this September, a time-limited period of three months where startups are put in a high pace timetable and are taught years of learning in a short period of time.

What is the FRCS22 Accelerator program all about?

  • The Founders Dinners: It sounds super fancy and trust us, it is! But most importantly it’s the key element of the program with a speech from a renowned founder or Executive who will share their plentiful business stories and experiences with the accelerated startup teams. 
  • Mentors hours: Another vital framework of the program with worldwide renowned FRC mentors will provide the startups with high-level expertise, advice, and guidance on how to grow their business in a one-on-one consultation tailored specifically to fit their portfolio’s needs.
  • Demo Day: You can also call it a D Day of the FRCS22 Accelerator program! This is an exclusive, invite-only hybrid event where startups who graduate from the program get to pitch and present their business ideas to a carefully selected worldwide FRC network of investors. If they meet their KPI’s set at the beginning of the program, they are eligible for follow-on investments.

It all starts with you (and PODIM 2022!)

150 carefully selected startups will get the opportunity to participate at PODIM 2022, and will have ONLY ONE chance to make the first impression on the Podim Judges. And trust us, this is a chance of a lifetime 😉 .

Your journey will start with the Demo Days on the 4th and 5th of May 2022. During the exclusive online event Fil Rouge Capital Team will carefully analyze, test, and *drum roll please* select ONE startup that will exhibit entrepreneurial resilience and willingness to grow. The chosen one will further get the amazing opportunity to present their products/services to the local and global audience.

The FRC champion and the receiver of the investment will be announced at the Podim Pitching Competition Award Ceremony on the 17th of May in Maribor, Slovenia.

If you want to be one among the lucky 150 startups

apply here by or before 15th of March 2022:

Let’s discuss how the process goes

1.  Podim startups that applied to the Online Demo Day will express their interest in FRC Investment based on disclosed investment terms. Term Sheet will be available before the Demo Days.

2. The FRC Team will evaluate startups on the Online Demo Days and get in touch with the potential startup(s) to discuss the investment. If they agreed to accept the investment, the information is not disclosed until the Pitching Competition Award Ceremony on 17th of May.

3. Members of FRC & the selected startup announce the investment in the frame of the Pitching Competition Award Ceremony on 17th of May.

4. FRC investment is independent of the selection process for the Podim Pitching Competition. Pitching Competition Selection process is explained here. 

Find out more about PODIM for startups!

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