Infobip Startup Tribe Helps Startups Grow

Are you a startup looking to kickstart your business communication? Building and managing a customer engagement strategy can be a really daunting task; however, by eliminating the need to build infrastructure from the ground up, Infobip is giving startups the ability to focus on what really matters: product and scaling business.

Therefore, Infobip has created Infobip Startup Tribe to help mission-driven startups with building and effectively managing customer engagement strategies as well as to help them enter new regions and expand to new markets.

Have a look at what they have prepared and read the interview with Nikola Pavešić, Director of Startups at Infobip, below.

One platform to unlock your market potential

Infobip communication platform, the world’s most connected full-stack cloud communications platform helps startups boost their customer engagement, reach new clients and markets and grow their startup.

As Silvio Kutić, CEO of Infobip, said,»The goal of Infobip Startup Tribe is to create and support a community of startups that Infobip as a global leader in omnichannel communication, recognizes as next game-changers. We will work with these startups and provide them with all the tools at our disposal to make sure they succeed in their vision and mission.«

Power up your startup through Infobip’s perks program

Once accepted into the Infobip Startup Tribe program, startups can enjoy several benefits:
Up to $60,000 worth of credits for Infobip solutions and channels, combined with support service.
– Get tickets, pitch, connect and exhibit at the global Infobip Shift Conference.
Direct access to Infobip’s partners and advisor investors from the most reputable global and local VC funds and accelerators, like 3 VC, 500 Startups, Credo Ventures, Eleven, Elevator Ventures…. Infobip’s network of world-class investors, funds and accelerators expands to every corner of the globe, providing startups who sign up through them with extra benefits.

Startups can use the allotted credits for Infobip solutions to improve their offer. By integrating Infobip’s communication solutions and channel portfolio, they can:
– Scale their startup,
– Reach new customers,
– Access new revenue streams,
– Provide efficient customer service on the most popular channels,
– Keep customers protected and enhance digital customer experience,
– Unleash the power of omnichannel marketing automation,
– Optimize their sales with intelligent automation.

Infobip’s platform covers every possible channel for a startup’s business. It enables them to start building a seamless and engaging customer experience when and where it matters most for them. So, they can reach your customers over their channels of choice. From texts, live chat, email, Instagram Business, WhatsApp Business, Apple for Business, Viber for Business and more….

Benefits for startups

Ahead of Podim, we spoke to Nikola Pavešić, Director of Startups at Infobip, to find out more about the Infobip Startup Tribe and how startups benefit most from their program.

What is the ideal startup from the perspective of stage and service type?
“We have startups from over 40 different industries in our program currently, which shows that we are pretty industry agnostic. That said, we have noticed that startups from industries such as Fintech, Ecommerce, Retail, Martech, Transportation and Healthcare seem to benefit the most from our program. Stage-wise, we are looking for startups that are in a product stage/have an MVP to which they could integrate our solutions.”

Do members of the Tribe also cooperate with each other?
“For us, it’s all about creating a community, so we’re constantly working to connect our startups with our partners and each other. For example, at our annual Shift conference, we give 20 startups the opportunity to showcase their business in the Startup Expo area, participate in a pitching competition and meet with potential investors. And we have found that these situations serve as great facilitators for founders to get into conversations with each other, share their experiences, wins and failures.”

What is the most valuable benefit of your service for startups that startups are not generally aware of?
“The credits we offer to startups carry a lot of value and potential for upscaling their business: the messaging credits they get can be used for a variety of things, besides just authentication, for example. Why not build a chatbot for a specific channel and enhance your customer service offering? Or engage them through our SaaS solution Moments and help your marketing team? The range of products we offer is quite extensive, and we work hard to educate startups: we want them to make the most of the credits we give them and help them through some of the growing pains.”

Which one is the most impressive Infobip client that showcases the mighty power of your platform?
“As already stated, we offer a wide range of solutions suitable for different industries, so we are honored to have clients such as Uber, Meta, Bolt, HubSpot, Rappi and many more in our portfolio.”

Podim Pitching Competition awards

In this year’s Podim Pitching competition, semifinalists that want Infobip services will get $10.000,00 in Infobip products, and finalists will get $15.000,00 in Infobip products.

And this year, Infobip is also coming to Podim, where you will have a perfect opportunity to find out more about this startup program and its solutions.

Nikola Pavešić also wants to say this to those attending Podim: “No matter what size your business, it always helps to remember the basics: great communication opens doors to better transparency, and consequently better business deals. And great communication happens when it is supported by the best communication practices in which we specialize. So if you are interested in discovering how to engage your clients better, seek out our representatives at Podim and they will be more than happy to chat.”

If you want to join the Infobit Startup Tribe or get more information, click here.

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