Introducing Infobip Startup Tribe: Empowering startups to soar

Are you a startup eager to redefine your communication strategy? Crafting and navigating customer engagement can feel like scaling a mountain. But no worries, Infobip, a Podim partner, is here to lend a hand, offering startups like yours a shortcut to success. With Infobip Startup Tribe, they’re turning the tide, allowing startups to concentrate on what truly drives growth: their product and business expansion.

Infobip Startup Tribe is created for ambitious startups, providing tailored support in crafting and executing customer engagement strategies. Their mission? To pave the way for startups to grow and penetrate new markets with ease.

Check out what they’ve got brewing, and delve into an exclusive interview with Nikola Pavešić, Director of Developer Experience at Infobip, below.

Unleash your market potential with a unified platform

Infobip’s communication platform is a powerhouse, connecting businesses with their customers in a seamless and secure way: whether it’s nurturing client relationships, expanding reach, or propelling growth.

Infobip’s platform covers every conceivable channel, enabling businesses to craft an immersive customer experience. Engage with your audience on their preferred platforms, be it text, live chat, email, Instagram Business, WhatsApp Business, Apple for Business, Viber for Business, and beyond.

Elevate your startup with Infobip’s perks program

According to Silvio Kutić, CEO of Infobip, “The Infobip Startup Tribe aims to foster a community of trailblazing startups recognized by Infobip as the next big thing. We’re committed to providing startups with the tools they need to achieve their vision and mission.”

The perks Infobip offers:

  • Dive into up to $60,000 worth of credits for Infobip solutions and channels, bundled with stellar support.
  • Score exclusive tickets to the global Infobip Shift Conference, where you can pitch, network, and showcase your startup.
  • Enjoy sweet deals and discounts on tools and services from our partners.
  • Gain access to Infobip’s extensive network of partners and investor advisors from renowned global and local VC funds and accelerators.

Startups can leverage their Infobip credits to supercharge their offerings. From scaling operations to reaching new customers and optimizing sales, the possibilities are endless.

Exclusive insights: Infobip Startup Tribe

Ahead of Podim, we sat down with Nikola Pavešić, Director of Developer Experience at Infobip, to unveil the wonders of the Infobip Startup Tribe and how startups stand to gain from this dynamic program.

What types of startups benefit most from your program?

“Our program is a melting pot of startups from over 40 diverse industries. However, we’ve observed that startups in Fintech, E-commerce, Retail, Martech, Transportation, and Healthcare tend to thrive the most in our ecosystem. We’re particularly keen on startups at the product stage or those with a minimum viable product (MVP) poised for integration with our solutions.”

How do members of the Tribe collaborate with each other?

“At Infobip, community is king. We foster collaboration among startups by facilitating connections with partners and fellow entrepreneurs. For instance, our annual Shift conference offers startups a platform to showcase their innovations, engage in pitching competitions, and network with potential investors. These interactions spark invaluable conversations, allowing founders to share insights, victories, and setbacks.”

What hidden gem of your service do startups often overlook?

“Our startup credits pack a punch! While they’re primarily used for authentication, they offer myriad possibilities for scaling your business. Why not deploy a chatbot on a specific channel to enhance customer service? Or leverage our SaaS solution, Moments, to support your marketing efforts? Our expansive product suite is designed to fuel growth, and we’re committed to guiding startups every step of the way.”

Can you share a success story of a startup that has flourished with your support?

“Our client roster boasts an array of success stories across various industries. From global giants like Uber and Meta to emerging disruptors like Bolt and HubSpot, Infobip has been instrumental in propelling startups to greater heights.”

Podim Pitching Competition Awards

In this year’s Podim Pitching competition, semifinalists keen on Infobip services will receive $10,000 in Infobip products, while finalists will snag $15,000 worth of Infobip goodies.

This year, Infobip is making waves at Podim, offering attendees an exclusive peek into our startup program and innovative solutions.

Nikola Pavešić has a special message for Podim attendees: “No matter the size of your business, stellar communication lays the groundwork for success. At Infobip, we specialize in empowering businesses with top-notch communication practices. Swing by our booth at Podim, and let’s chart a course to unparalleled client engagement!”

Keen to join the Infobip Startup Tribe or learn more? Click here: Infobip Startup Tribe

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