Meet the judges of Podim Online Demo Day 2022

Are you ready to meet 140+ startups & the eminent jury of Podim’s Online Demo Day? Let’s gooooo!

Podim’s Online Demo Day is literally just around the corner, which means our eager 140+ startups will finally face the music and pitch their hearts out in front of a jury that will determine if they belong in the semifinals of the Podim Pitching Competition, reserved only for the best 10 ideas! The game is on and by the end, there will be only 1 winner left! 

Our fellow judges and holders of the ‘Investor’ or ‘Business Executive’ tickets will get a chance to meet and see this year’s potential for the first time. 


🔹 Fil Rouge Capital
🔹 South Central Ventures
🔹 ABC Accelerator
🔹 Hiventures
🔹 500 Startups
🔹 Elevator Ventures
🔹 AI Startup Incubator
🔹 VentureXchange
🔹 BIRD incubator
🔹 Eleven Ventures
🔹 Presto Ventures
🔹 Primo Ventures
🔹 Business Angels of Slovenia
🔹 Silicon Gardens Fund
🔹 Kavedon Kapital
🔹 Nomadic Minds
🔹 Innovation 360 Group AB
🔹 GameChangerVC
🔹 Landscape
🔹 Vitosha Venture Partners
🔹 UNIQA Ventures GmbH

Investment funds like Fil Rouge Capital, 500 Istanbul, BIRD Incubator, South Central Ventures, Eleven Ventures, ABC Accelerator, Primo Ventures, Nomadic Minds and many others are here to support, network and connect with hopes to find their next potential business partners.

Aren’t you curious to find out if the next startup superstar is going to be discovered tomorrow and what new connections Podim has to offer? There’s still a chance for you to be a part of that moment!

In case you’ve missed it, Podim 2022’s program has also already been announced! You can look forward to 11 program blocks, including talks, panels and workshops with 70+ internationally renowned speakers, entrepreneurs & experts on 5 stages.

Check out the program here.

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